Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hijacker of EgyptAir Jet Releases all Passengers except Four Foreigners and crew members, Seeks Asylum in Cyprus.

Egyptian airlines flight MS181, en route from Alexandria to Cairo, has been hijacked by a passenger with a Belted suicide bomb, who forced the pilot to land in Larnaka Airport, Cyprus. There are reportedly 81 passengers and crewmembers on board the plane.

However, Negotiations with the hijacker has since resulted in the release of a majority of the hostages, except for the crew members and four foreigners, EgyptAir said.
The hijacker has been identified as a man named Ibrahim Samaha, who is asking for a translator and political asylum, to stay with his wife, who is been transported to the airport at his request.

29 March 2016

08:06 GMT
The hijacker of EgyptAir’s Airbus A320 initially wanted the pilot to fly to Turkey, Al Arabiya reports, but due to lack of fuel the aircraft was forced to land in Cyprus

08:00 GMT
Samaha has asked for political asylum in Cyprus.

07:59 GMT
The hijacker Ibrahim Samaha is either Egyptian or a Libyan national, according to various sources

07:55 GMT
The hijacker has asked for a political asylum from the Cyprus authorities, according to the Greek channel Skai.
07:53 GMT
From 15 to 20 people still remain on the hijacked EgyptAir aircraft, a Cyprus Foreign Ministry official said.
07:51 GMT
Restoring regular air travel between Russia and Egypt is “absolutely impossible” in the light of the highjacking of EgyptAir flight MS181, Russian Senator Frants Klintsevich says.

“It’s clear now that this is out of the question. Egypt is not ready to ensure the safety of our tourists,” he said.
07:50 GMT
Egyptian state television has released the name of the hijacker: Ibrahim Samaha
07:39 GMT
The Egyptian Aviation Ministry has confirmed the release of all passengers on hijacked EgyptAir flight MS181, except 10 foreigners and crewmembers.
07:37 GMT
Israeli fighter jets accompanied the highjacked Airbus A320 to ensure it didn’t enter Israeli airspace, according to the Greek ERT-1 TV channel.
07:27 GMT
EgyptAir says it has negotiated the release of everyone on board the hijacked plane except for five foreigners and crewmembers.
07:23 GMT
Between 30 and 40 passengers have been released from the hijacked EgyptAir passenger plane, which made a forced landing in Larnaca, Cyprus state media report.
07:22 GMT
Airport security sources maintain there are 10 Americans and eight Britons among the passengers remaining on the highjacked plane.
07:20 GMT
There are reportedly 55 passengers and seven crewmembers remaining on board the A320 aircraft
07:16 GMT
The highjacker threatened the pilot, Omar al-Gammal, with a suicide belt. He has allegedly released all women, children and Egyptian citizens, local TV reports
07:14 GMT
Larnaca International Airport has been closed, and ambulances are now on the scene.
07:13 GMT
The highjacked Airbus A320 belonging to EgyptAir landed at Larnaca Airport at 08:46 local time, with 81 passengers on board, Cypriot state television reports.
Credit: Daily mail, Twitter, RT News.




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