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Linda Ikeji et al : Blogging and Plagiarism - Blogger, Kunle Olabode Takes other Bloggers to the Cleaners.

Blogger, Mr Kunle Olabode has taken Linda Ikeji, SDK, Naira Land and other bloggers to the cleaners over Pastor Paul Adefarasin story of directing traffic during a jam in Lagos Island. It created quite a sensation and the story found itself in many websites. Honestly I added him on Facebook when I saw his post on the 'House on the Rock pastor', Paul Adefarasin. Although, I didn't get to publish the story because when I goggled it, it was practically everywhere already. Anyway, the blogger is holding the jugular of all those who published it, to the extent of copying his 'write up' without giving credit to the source. It is an intellective write up I must confess. Infact, I was forced to humbly ask for permission to publish. He is yet to give a yay at the time of publication so, I hope he picks no offense hehe: Read his post after the cut.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing… Edmund Burke

I had a chance encounter with Pastor Paul Adefarasin at Elegushi, Lekki area of Lagos state last week on my way to work. The Senior Pastor of House on the Rock helped in no small measure to ease the traffic flow along that route. I was quite impressed hence I took some pictures and wrote a short post on Facebook to commend him.

The post generated tremendous interest on the social media- the primary motive was to encourage people to imbibe good leadership skills and add value in life. However, in total contrast to the spirit of the message- some marauders parading themselves as bloggers seized the moment to commit some atrocious and criminal acts in an unprecedented scale.

A Google search and analysis revealed the depth of this bizarre act. One of the culprits is Linda Ikeji whose notoriety and reputation for plagiarism is legendary. Words can’t convey the feelings when I saw the appendage ‘Lindaikeji’s Blog’ on the pictures lifted from my Facebook page.
Did Linda send her photographers to the scene or she captured them herself? There was hardly a blog that didn’t latch onto the story in varying degrees.

Stella Dimoko-korkus also partook in the folly.

Some bloggers resort to pathetic means to drive traffic to their sites. A number of them lifted the accompanying Facebook posts verbatim and posted it on their blogs taking full ownership. Isn’t it obvious we’re dealing with people of low intellectual standing? It is bad enough to take a screenshot of my pictures, it is worse to copy the accompanying post.
I have nothing against blogging, I have benefitted from some wonderful blogs over the years. Furthermore, I blog @ – I will like to state here categorically that the post in question wasn’t uploaded to my website. It didn’t cross my mind for a second; furthermore as I stated earlier, the goal was to commend the act and encourage people to add value in life. One of the bloggers also found his/her way to nairaland to upload a screenshot of my Facebook post as well.
There was a blogger who gave me credit for the posts but erred by the appendage on the pictures. It is wrong!

How did we get here as a nation? A nation that doesn’t place a high premium on intellectual works is heading for the dunghill. Instant Gratification is destroying lives and eroding creativity amongst the youths. It’s quite easy for my generation to cry for lack of opportunities and blame the political elites who have been part of our consciousness for decades. However the truth must be told- there are a lot of irresponsible behavior amongst so many in this day and clime that inhibits the type of progression enjoyed by some of our founding fathers.

The EFCC is battling with fraud of immense proportions by ‘419ers and the Dasukis’; there is a need for us as a nation to pay more attention to some of the young men and women who have found a new line of work called ‘blogging’. The unfortunate thing about this group is the modus operandi employed to achieve their subtle objectives. I am not certain it’s just the conventional Get-Rich-Quick-Syndrome; I sincerely believe it’s partly due to lack of purpose and direction on the part of some. How does one explain the tale of a young man in the most productive season of his life prowling the internet for ‘just any content’ that will drive traffic to his site?

I am not certain there is a lot of knowledge or enlightenment on the subject of plagiarism and the consequences in this country; else it wouldn’t thrive in this manner. There is no crime in uploading contents to your blog, you could kindly seek the permission of the author or give credit to the source of the publication. It is time for common sense revolution in this country; I have watched with delight interviews with bloggers in different parts of the world on foreign media outlets. You can blog with distinction with value driven contents and be successful. If you’re not sure of what God has called you to do, please ask him-blogging is not for everyone.

This is the time for everyone to lend their voices to destroy this cancerous growth. If you feel you’re immune, permit me to cite the legendary words of Pastor Martin Niemöller: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”


Kunle Olabode"

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