Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Newly Divorced Gospel Artist, Israel Houghton is Dating Adrienne Bailon.

I know we aren’t to judge but I Just can't hold back from giving my opinion, especially about this scandalous story making rounds on the internet about a gospel art, one lots of people look upto and believe to be a blessing. But post like this sure helps us to differentiate between a gospelsinger and a minister.
It’s barely a month, gospel singer, Israel Houghton got divorced from his wife of over 20 years. He posted the most touching apology to the world on Facebook for not being able to keep his family together.  Kindly click here if you missed it.  I bought it and many others did, I believe. But that will probably change now that rumour of him sharing lady’s with one of the Kardashian's.
According to TMZ, the 44 years old divorcee is dating singer and TV host Adrienne Bailon who is also Rob’s Kardashian ex-girlfriend.  
It is also alleged Adrienne Bailon called off her engagement to her boyfriend, Lenny Santiago of 6 years  in September 2015.
According to TMZ, Adrienne Bailon and Israel are currently on a Mexican holiday together. TMZ also reports that even though Israel just recently became officially available, he’s been seeing Adrienne for a while.
PS: I hope this is nothing but mere allegations.
Credit: TMZ, Bella Naija and Ono Pink Journal.

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