Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Photos: Macedonia Builds 19 Mile Razor Wire and Thick Fence to Prevent Multitudes of Migrants as EU Crisis Erupts.

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Many people are presently moving out of Greece into Macedonia as Greece is told to be sacrificed to save the European Union, EU, as United Kingdom intends to leave EU by referendum. This has prompted the Macedonians Government to built a 19-mile barbed wire fence on Macedonia' border to reduce the number of migrants coming into the country.
This is an extensive publication by Daily Mail. Click here to read more. However, summarily, many people are presently trapped between Greece and Macedonia in a city called Indomeni. The Macedonians only open the border for a few numbers of persons in a day. The various prime ministers has been asked to look into the issue as much damages are caused by the migrants, who are desperate to leave Greece.

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