Thursday, March 31, 2016

Students of University of Lagos Protest and Demand Release of Arrested Students attempting to Resurrect Colleague Corpse.

The students of University of Lagos are demanding the release of their fellow students arrested by the Ogun Sate Police Command trying to resurrect the corpse of a 300-level student of Microbiology, Eniola Jacob.

 The suspects which include; Inerima Alaniye (a 400-level student of Mathematics); Awe Raphael (a 500-level student of Law); Adeboye Adeshola (a 200-level student of Political Science); and Arawomo Stephen were taken into custody when the deceased parents invited the police men.
Other students have taken into various media outlet to protest against the arrest and the release of their fellow students.
It was reported that Jacob died at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba on Sunday, after drinking insecticide.
He was known to be a prominent member of the Cherubiums and Seraphim Students Fellowship in school, hence the suspects whom also belong to the same fellowship decided to resurrect his corpse.
The Police said the students way of going about the resurrection at Jacob’s graveside  was suspicion, especially after demanding that Jacob’s corpse be exhumed according to the Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi.
He said, “They were arrested at the graveside. They were arrested because their actions were suspicious. They insisted on exhuming the corpse that had been buried. They said they wanted to resurrect it. It came to us as a surprise that in this modern age, some group of young boys would come out and say they want to resurrect a dead man.
“We felt it was a strange development. If they were not cultists they would not make such a demand. We thought they were looking for parts of the deceased to tamper with and we took them to Eleweran for further investigations.”
However, the information on social networks says the students only went to deceased parents for a visit when they got arrested.
the students are insisting the suspects should be charged to court for fair hearing instead of keeping them in custody.

The Public Relations Officer of the University of Lagos, Mr. Toyin Adebule, said he could not confirm the arrest of the students.
He, however, confirmed that Jacob took Sniper on the school premises.
He said the police had taken over the case and a corona inquest had begun.
He said, “This is a corona case and the school is not involved. It has nothing to do with the university. What happened was that he (Jacob) took Sniper and after taking it, the security was informed. He was initially talking, but suddenly he collapsed.
“He was rushed to the school’s health centre where he was resuscitated. Around 7pm, he was rushed to LUTH where he died some hours later. There is no indictment. I am not aware that some students of the school have been arrested.”
Credit: Punch Metro, Ono Pink Journal.

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