Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Twisted Turn of Adam Johnson 6years Jail Term

I would have thought getting imprison for 6years is a well deserve punishment for grooming and involving in sexual activity with an underage child in the case of Sunderland and former England football player, Adam Johnson.

Well, that isn't what I have been reading on the various media outlets the pass 5 hours after his sentence was passed. The contradictory story of how the 15 year old knew exactly what she was doing and what to expect before getting into the car is however what is flooding the internet. Not to mention the comparism between the 28year old 6years imprisonment and Oscar Pistorius 5years for killing his girlfriend and various crimes committed in which the guilty party’s got lighter sentences.  
It doesn’t matter the trauma he has dealt or dealing with since the story hit the media and Adam’s arrest.
Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the girl played him. What matter is, he fell for it and got punished for it. Best of luck to him for the years he has got to serve in the prison. 

Although, in recent posts many are already backtracking as court reveals the full details of the court judgement as presided over by Judge Jonathan Rose.

By the way, his story makes me wish men could be sentenced in such way in developing countries especially ours where men bragged of preferring young girls that just turned teen without shame or remorse for the lives they are destroying. ‘Fresh blood’ they say. With school uniform teenage children goes to meet with men in various hotels. Of course they know what they are getting into but then the promises made by these men makes up for whatever fear they might have felt or will feel.
Whatever it is, men should let our young children grow as children and gradually mature into adulthood instead of turning them to adults while they are still children is the reason why we do not have genius in our present day society. People are too consume with what is negative than focusing on positive activities.  


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