Monday, March 28, 2016

Understanding Bishop David Oyedepo Zeal for God.

Over the years, being a Christian and a member of the Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel, I have had cause to worry over how our father in Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo could preach in several services morning to evening without being weary. Especially during the Shiloh season when the mere sitting for hours to hear the word for the few days easily wearies me and others I believe out. Honestly, there have been times I feel tired on his account even though it’s absolutely impossible. Well, my time of wondering has finally come to an end because of what I witnessed in my church this week.
There’s a prophetic agenda set out by our father in heaven to depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate His heavenly kingdom which He revealed through His servant and was tagged ‘Double Wonder Agenda Phase 3’. Last year the first two phases were accomplished as God led His people. And since this declaration I have seen many of my church members dived into it and tirelessly got involve in spreading the gospel both in the morning and the evening. When I say ‘tirelessly’ I meant it.

This week which happened to be the last  week for this phase was the very height of the burning zeal of people for God’s Kingdom. And I have come to know, when God sends you on an assignment, He will give the strength and everything needed for the accomplishment and when you chose to be obedient, there's nothing God won't make work for your good Daniel 11:32, Ecclesiastes 9:11, Romans 8:28, Matthew 6:31-33. 
I was greatly challenged when I saw the elderly ones even coming out to be part of it. The passion driving them on to make sure the double wonder agenda of God in, increasing His church to minimum double its January 10th adult attendance a reality.

Well, being the last week. I chose to give it my all, hence my absence for the past few days. It was quite an astonishing experience. It was intoxicating to the extent I amongst others spent hours after hours on the Phone reaching out to the converts and sharing the love of God. On my part, I have come to realise it’s much fun when you’re working for God and putting the gift He has blessed you with into use. I did that at the church call centre and everyone left me while I kept calling and yes tirelessly, between the hours of 8:30am to 6:00PM. I thought I’d been very weary on getting home but that wasn’t the case. Because when one discovers God’s gift and the passion placed in them for the usage of that gift, the word tired is usually not found in their dictionary.  
Yes! God answered and brought great multitude of souls and everyone got blessed. He is still blessing His people tirelessly at Winner’s Chapel. Locate one closest to you on Wednesday for mid-services or Sundays to celebrate God’s faithfulness and love upon our lives. HAPPY EASTER! CHEERS!!

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