Sunday, March 20, 2016

What do you go to Church to Seek?

In God’s eyes the only thing worse than sin is your unwillingness to owe up to it.  Getting hurt in life is inevitable but staying hurt becomes a choice. Even in the church, you can’t expect less because the church is also made up of flawed people with flawed characters who sometimes fight and hurt each other too. That shouldn’t be a reason for choosing not to be born again or to leave the church.

No one is perfect so, stop the expectation of the ‘no blemish or white as snow character,’ but be assured God has done the finished work to clean up the stinks. What offense do you think you can’t forgive anyone for? And why you decide to spend so much energy holding on to a grudge rather than reconciliation. Because a grudge can only make you sad and reconciliation can only bring peace.

To forgive they say is divine so, let your divine nature manifest itself by letting go of yesterday’s hurt and focus on today’s plan. God has got a good one for you. Go grab it with the intention of seeking peace with all men. Jeremiah 29:11

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