Tuesday, March 15, 2016

When LOVE Got a Price Tag.

We live in a world where lies are being refined to become the truth and truth becoming non-existence. It is funny how difficult it is to decide on when one ends and the other begins. Love is real of course but which part is real? is the question I am forced to ask.

Is it the saying of the words or the feelings or showing it? Also, I have been told action speaks louder than words. In essence, the action greatly depicts what lies within the heart. Words are said not to be enough to solidify a relationship but there must corresponding actions. Yet, people have a way of making others believe otherwise.

So, what’s your love? Is it in action or just in words or both? And again people find it easy to turn blind eyes to the actions that are contrary to the sweet words of love. But turn ears wide open to the words that are contrary to the actions. That way, we get to hear more often than not about how mean ladies or gentlemen are at breaking hearts. The truth is when a relationship is heading for a break-up the couple knows, both the breaker and the broken. Unfortunately letting go when the heart has chosen to believe sweet spoken words become too difficult. And that difficulty is what breaks the heart.
How much do you love? Is the question many should ask themselves before professing their love to another. Answering the question will determine the value that will be attached to that relationship. Loving and being loved in return is rare to find in a world where everything is and can be easily faked but love is still very much real. Learn to match the words with the actions. When they do not fit in the same box then know that love has got a price tag. To be continued with real experience to learn from...

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