Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Who are the gods?

It happened in a twinkle
A clear bright day gives way to darkness
This was but as brief as a flash of lightening
Nothing could be brightened
Neither could it be purely darkened
The rain came heavily and then lightly
The drizzle frizzling out the heat
The cloud became dark
But it took a second for the sun to pierce through
In between blinks of the eyes
Came the rain and sunshine
The day and the night, none could be sure what is in existence.

The chaos on the road
Became the shock of men
Some could float on air
Others could walk back and forward
Everything became possible
Men became unbeatable
The wishes were made
And the gratification became the downhill move of man
People drop dead everywhere and rises again
Because just as one wishes them dead
Another prayed they live long
All in between the blinks of eyes.
Many are the rulers
For everyone spoken word and thought manifest
Command issued from all direction but none to obey
Punishment meted out
And everyone became prisoner
Of everyone’s command
No outstretched hand
To lift up the fallen because all were on the ground
He that tries to stand is wished to be down
So is the state man remains
All in between the blinks of eyes.



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