Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Winner’s Chapel Pastor’s Wife Sends Touching Message to Celebrate Husband’s Birthday.

The very first post I read on Facebook this morning was a beautiful message by a Winner’s pastor wife, Dnc. Adenike Owolabi celebrating her husband’s, Pastor Omotola Owolabi birthday today. 

After long contemplation, I decided to share it because I too, do need to celebrate this man of God under whose tutelage I was for about 2 years when he was the resident pastor of Winner’s Chapel, Sapele.
She wrote: “Happy Birthday to my Friend, Lover, Husband and Pastor, Omotola Omoshalewa Owolabi. Life with you has been so beautiful, I will always love you.  Many happy returns.”  You sure can guess the part I love most.

Happy birthday and many more fulfilling years to come sir.




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