Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CHIC DAY: Ladies, if a Man Disrespect your ‘Presence’ let him Feel the Impact of your ‘Absence’.

It's Tuesday  and time for some CHIC (Comic Heat Issues Compilation). Let's get to review some heart issues and their outcomes, starting with the ladies, letting a man who do not respect their presence to learn to feel the impact of their absence.

Many times and in different ways, ladies are the cause of their heart breaks and the bucket full of tears they shed over broken relationships. You’ve spent years with a man who lies, cheats, steals, manipulates, abuses, gets jealousy for nothing but you claim to love him still and can’t live without him, who in the world wants THAT!? I am tempted to ask but I won’t bother because some women, especially in this country of ours will say they thrive on such ground. It’s the way the man shows he cares.

This is the experience of a lady who spent 8years of her life helping a man build up his life and few months to their marriage he walked out on her to be with another woman he thought was prettier and more curveaous. Of course, she cried bitterly, she's human afterall. Few weeks into that relationship he came back pleading. He made a mistake. The lady is nasty, she could barely do anything and the manner at which she speaks to him is just annoying. He wanted their marriage plan back on the way.
All the years according to her; right or wrong; she apologises for everything, cleaned up after him, speak on his behalf and waited upon him to eat healthy, all in name of building a successful brand. The very moment he succeeded, she wasn’t pretty enough. Well, she made him sweat it out for months before changing her mind because she needed to be sure he won’t be sailing off with the next available mannered and prettier lady.

Also, I will share this story of a woman who got divorced from her husband of 36years. He went on to marry his mistress. Five months into that marriage, he told her he made a mistake and wanted their marriage back. After years of making him prove himself, they re-married.
The key to these women success and in putting their men back on track is; none of them saw the man leaving her as a bad thing, because in the latter woman words: "I don't want nobody who don't want me, because they ain't gonna treat you right."

In the words of a life coach, Tera Carissa Hodges; because you are human, YOU WILL hurt...that's OK. You'll cry and try to fix things on your own. But, when you catch the revelation that a husband or yet to be husband is an accessory not a necessity, you can lose a man without losing your mind...NEVER forget what Cicely Tyson's character told her daughter in Diary of a Mad Black Woman. God is your every thing! There's still life to enjoy AFTER he leaves. Especially when you learn to do it just as David did in 1 Samuel 30:8.  Cheers!

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