Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear Nigerian Government: Reform the Deformity Caused by Uniform Men.

You might not have experienced the depth of poverty that has eaten deep into this nation, what the masses had to do inorder to survive daily. But I believe you have a good idea and have been properly informed but chose to turn blind eyes and deaf ears because you’re not directly affected. You have probably forgotten the reason the masses voted you into power in the first place. To restructure and reform a decaying nation.

I clearly remember an end was put into road blocks by the previous administration, ordering uniform men out of the road expect on patrol, which ended the collection of N20 from drivers per trip. However, they are back on the same road and milking road users dry. This reminds me of a particular rat specie that blows your feet why eating the skin. The soothing breeze will keep you from feeling the pain until you try to stand on those feet and the electrifying pain will run through your veins for moments.
The era of N20 is long gone as the present nation difficult situations has made them to increased it to N100 per trip and car. A driver will pay N100 in each road blocks that are barely three miles apart. Imagine this; a passenger pays N150 from Sapele to the neighbouring town, Mosogar in Delta State and there are  just five passengers which will give a total of N750. He ends up spending about N300 on settling police and will be left with N450 from which he will buy ticket, fuel at N200 per litre or N250 from black market. How will such a man be expected to feed his family? Anyone that refused to comply is asked to park and excuses will be found to detain and collect more money from him. Private car owners aren't exempted as the uniform men  (joint patrol of police and military) ask for money for pure water or to buy malt from them. The terrible traffic such blocks cause also endanger the lives of people, especially at the Sapele-Mosogar bridge.
What are they searching for? Or what are the drivers paying for? Are questions many need answers to because uniformed men are being paid in order to protect the civilians from robbers and other ill issues. Now, in what way are they better than the arm robber that brandishes his gun with all intent to steal and not in the guise of keeping one safe yet killing them softly? There's need to re-inform these uniform men of their duties and I believe it is definitely not extortion. So, dear Nigerian government get your uniform men to stop mounting road blocks. Afterall, it is no news many will take to their heels if an attack is to occur with the excuse of lack of sophisticated weapons to engage robbers which is probably true. 
God bless Nigeria and her people. And may our weight be lifted off our shoulders before many develop hunch back from bending their heads too long in thoughts.   

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