Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Finding the Beam of your Dream.

Hello, welcome to Ono Pink Journal (OPJ), In the voice of the black man in the movie ‘pretty woman’ I ask ‘what’s your dream? Some dreams come true, some don’t but keep on dreaming. However, let it be your dream, not you claiming someone else’s own. Because you will lack the beam of that dream when you pursue a dream just for the reason that; others are succeeding in it.

Every dream a man has, there's a beam that should support it. Now the beam in this context is not the ray of light but that of a long, sturdy piece of squared timber or metal used to support the roof or floor of a building. If the beam is in place, the hold is firm. No matter how big or small your dream is; without a beam, it will collapse.

Beam can also be referred to as purposes, reasons why you chose to pursue a particular dream. What’s your dream anchored on? Do you want to act because actors are successful and celebrated? Or you’re talented and wish to make impart with your talent? Do you want to be a blogger because it is a good means of making money? Or you want to be a blogger because you derive joy in spreading information? Do you want to import agricultural products because the richest Africa man started with agricultural produce or you sincerely want to help in feeding the world? There are several questions you need to ask before going in pursuit of any dream. The means to succeed lies in finding the beam of that dream.
Knowing when you find the beam.
Whatever dream you’re in pursuit of will generate some emotions. Hence when you find the following, you know you have the beam to hold onto firmly.
Satisfaction: As the day goes by, if you do not find satisfaction in the dream you’re chasing, there’s a course to worry.  Some people hate their jobs but are reluctant to leave because of the good salary or fear of not getting a better job. And each day, they feel trapped. Why some derive pleasure in the job they are doing even though the salary is small. Each day, there’s a smile of satisfaction because of the impart they believe they are making in their small or large circle of association.
If you’ve been following OPJ from onset you will realise the number of times changes have been made. It all started as a means to spread information to inspire. But 80% of those around me thought differently. If I want to succeed as a blogger like some big ones some of us already know, I have to news publications, let my heading be catchy, be controversial and on and on went the argument until I gave in to the pressure and joined the ‘fuji house of commotion,’ in writing about the happenings around us. Honestly,   I discovered it was a mad house. Everyone copying everyone (plagiarism); everyone trying to outdo everyone, repetitive and originality is a word you just might not find. In most cases the origin of the story practically is lost along the way. Many don’t even bother with re-writing.  Suddenly, I noticed whenever, I am asked to write in the office or church, I find it difficult to put down my thoughts. It no longer comes as natural as it used to be. Yeah! I was losing my beam and I have to thank my dear brother who reminded me of the reasons I started in the first place and here I am back to spreading joy and hope my posts will help as many that comes here to find the channel through every tunnel of life they have to go through at any point in time.  And maybe I will find same in the comments section from time to time.
Go after your dream, the way you dreamt it (as God laid it in your heart) and not the way you see others doing it.
Ability to withstand negative situations: When it is your dream, you’ll be willing to go to any length to live it. The insults, challenges, difficulties and mockery won’t stop you. You will even derive pleasure from such situation because they make you stronger and firmer in your chosen path. Afterall, they will have to be proved wrong.
Ease: Whatever comes to you easily indicates what truly lies in your heart. There is always confident that comes from the inside when you pursue dreams the right way, which will generate the ease at which you will work. The thing is; anxiety replaces easiness when it comes to pursuit of dreams. And by the time you get too anxious, mistakes and more mistakes are bound to occur. When you are at ease, even the most delicate and difficult situation will be swiftly overcome.
So, when positive energy is not exuding out of your hard work in fulfilling your dream, then know you haven't found the beam of your dream.  So what’s your dream? No matter how beautiful, find the beam (which include the reasons which lies within you and what you're most happy at doing. It doesn't matter if  you think you will die in poverty chasing such dream. So long the beam is there, you will find a pot of gold some day sooner than you ever thought)  and wake up to live the reality of it.
Most importantly, always pray about your dreams. Let God give the beam you need to excel. One secret I have come to understand can be very effective is minutes of silence after praying. Remember God speaks in a still small voice I Kings 19:12. So, be calm and quiet after praying for some time. Clear your thoughts and you will be surprise by what God will be laying in your heart.
Finally, I won’t forget to let you know I love you and keeping you in my prayers. Be kind to do same for me and our nation. Cheers!!!

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