Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Five Practical Steps to Avoid being Crushed in the Rush of Life's Endeavours

By now we are use to the rush to be relevant in life. If not to the world at large but in the small circle of people we belong to. The drunken man still wants to be heard, hence his ability to voice out the truth in his state of stupor. To avoid being crushed in all of the world’s rush learn to:

Take time off people’s business: We are so eager to know about what is going on in other people’s life to the bed room activities that we’ve forgotten to find out about what is going on in our own lives. What we are forgetting is that, the population of the world is increasing so will the numbers of hours you’ll spend on other people’s business especially in arguing about what has or hasn’t happened in some celebrity life on social media. One day, you might wake up to realise how much of your time and money (in buying data) has been wasted. But that won’t have to be if you can structure your time properly and be disciplined enough to tend to your own business. You just be the one others will wish to make their topic of discussion.
Be Calm: It is a mad rush to get rich or die trying in the world today and many have made costly mistakes that led to their ruin. When there’s a tempest, the sea is said to be unstable and everyone sailing are in danger of getting drown. That’s the situation when you chose to go in pursuit of anything because you think it is what is selling. As a Christian I have been taught that God speaks in a still small voice and if you are not calm you will miss it. It is very simple you can only think right when you are calm. Irrational decisions are made in a rush and in an unstable state of mind. I am learning that after prayers, sit and let your mind be still. Be silent for some minutes, I tell you a word, solution to problem or directive from God will drop into your mind.
Talk less: Again in the rush of life everyone wants to be heard but no one wants to wait for the other to finish talking. And how can we be heard if everyone is talking at the same? There will be nothing but ruckus.  Sometimes, we cannot even hear ourselves speak. Now what I want you to understand is that; it is not only when words comes out of your mouth that you are speaking. Within you several thoughts will be going through your mind. But none will register because you’re not settle to ponder through your thoughts. That’s way many people speak out of turn. They don’t give a thought to the words before letting them out, thereby hurting themselves and others.
Also, talk less about your dreams. Honestly people hardly care can about how big your dream is but they want to see how well you’re living your dreams.
Reach out to relevant people: I am not saying you should be a nuisance because you want someone’s help but seek advice politely and be on your way. Afterall, many are of the opinion today that; ‘don’t give me fish but teach me how to fish’. Before you do the asking, watch how they are fishing from a distance, then take note of the difficulties you envisage if you’ll want to catch their kind of fish. That will help you ask relevant questions instead of the random ones that will probably make you a disturbance to others.
Pray and be thankful: It is written scripturally; that above all things make your request known to God in prayer and  thanksgiving, Philippians 4:6. If it is God leading you, you will lack nothing. Hence, there’s need to pray and be sure God is in it (in that big dream of yours) before embarking on it. Because years after without God, you just might still be moving from one place to another talking about your big dreams instead of living it. In essence, make your dream about God. And He will make the world about you.
Have a fulfilled day and never forget how much I care for you and our nation.  Greater height shall the Lord continuously lift us. Cheers!!!

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