Friday, April 22, 2016 Hilarious Methods to become a Land lord.

As usual post is to put you in a light mood. Today I will list some hilarious ways to become a landlord quicker than planned. Actually this is about those who can afford to build but taking longer time to pursue that goal. So, here are the catalysts to speed up the idea.

-         Rent an apartment where the land lord chooses to install his old and noisy generator plant directly at the back of your bedroom.   Then you'll understand the true meaning of  noise pollution and the invasion of one's privacy better.

-         Rent an apartment where the land lord mothers’ drives everyone crazy with abusive words. You don’t have to offend her to get your own piece. Not to mention the daily rituals you can’t make meaning of but too scared to ask questions.

-        Rent an apartment whereby the land lord increases your rent from N20,000 to N30,000 six months after you moved in.

-        Rent an apartment where the land lord chooses to install the water pumping machine in your kitchen all in the name of security.

-         Rent an apartment where the land lord keeps carring out repairs almost every day in your apartment. And you beginning to face difficulties after such exercise.

-         Rent an apartment where the land lord keeps dogs that will chase you because they are yet to be familiar with you until you get your legs dislocated.

-         Rent an apartment where the suck away gets filled every year.

-         Rent an apartment where you share the same electrical metre with your land lord. Be assured you will be the one paying all the bills.
Basically from experience, it is not advisable to rent an apartment in the same compound where the land lord resides. Although there are also exceptional ones as I have experienced but it is better not to take such risk without carrying out proper investigation. And seriously praying about it. All the best in your future accommodation decisions. Cheers!

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