Friday, April 29, 2016 Is this Question an Expression of Love?

Yippey!!! It’s post coming quite early to lighten your mood because I didn’t have to work so hard on what to put together, just as many bloggers didn’t have to think of a better way to entertain you yesterday (kindly be patient to read to the bottom).
This is so because the husband of a very popular celebrity decided to sun their ugly and dirty linen outside on social media (I do not support such life so I won’t be mentioning names. Besides many of you followed up on it yesterday). If only he had chosen to soak them with bleach, washed before sunning them, they would have been a beautiful sight to behold. Even if it may not be sparkling new, atleast it won't be an appalling sight when you'd get to hang them out. Because people will only have nasty things to say about dirt.
What I mean is that; some if not majority really don't care about your pains except to laugh behind your back even some family members and friends will do same. So, he could have sort for help from the right channel such as visit a counsellor/psychologist, sit the wife down for a good talk, air his grievances and go on his knees to pray. I believe everyone knows how to do that in times of trouble. If you doubt me, try asking criminals. Then, he could get to talk about how challenging his first few years of marriage was and how they worked things out. Inspiring others to follow in their steps afterall, they are celebrities. But then, social media became the channel to let out his pain for many people to have a good jest at him. Even Bobito will know to be wiser.

Well, he’d claimed his Instagram account where all the show went down was hacked but many aren’t buying the story because the words written and the expression were too personal to have come from no one but him. The part that have gotten many talking was when he made lots of ladies and gentlemen to realise that one major indicator that  a woman (especially in this country) loves a man is when she ask and always remember to ask ‘have you eaten?’ so, do you agree if that question is an expression of love?

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