Sunday, April 10, 2016

Letter to Tomorrow's Children.

As a woman and a mother to be, my heart goes out to you especially with the high rate of moral decadence. I know some of your parents will not agree with some of the things I will write about but I do know they will agree that you need to be dedicated to God almighty right from the day of your birth because, He is supreme. The part they may disagree with,  will be in the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour. However it is important for you to note the following:
·        In a world where many do not study to be educated or knowledgeable rather pays with money and other means to acquire certificate, you need to be studious and watchful. Separate yourself, so that you can leave a mark wherever you go.

·        Value is a rare virtue which has been misplaced, endeavour to find yours at all course.

·        Be guided with words because many will only tell you what they think you want to hear and be happy. Even some preachers have learned to bend the truth and the watch word is ‘do what I say and not what I do’.

·        Do not rely on people’s opinion in decision making. Learn to seek God’s opinion because He reveals the deep secret of men.

·        Many are in the pursuit of wealth and probably will die trying but learn to pursue the source of wealth, the Lord God who gives power to get wealth.

·        Even if your beginning might be rough, do not be dissuaded from your path of success so long it is the right one. You will know the right and wrong ones if you do listen to your conscience.

·       Do not be impress by a man's expression or physical look because the world is a stage where everyone is playing a role. Learn to discern the truth by paying attention to the kind of role an individual is playing at a time, whether the good, bad or ugly role.

·        Above all, make the Lord your mentor, only Him alone is true to His word.

PS: Always remember to pray for the peace of your nation, Psalm 122:6. And I believe as many that will get to read this will do same because in the peace of our nation lies our own peace. Also, remember I care and keeping you in my prayer. Cheers!

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