Friday, April 01, 2016

Marring the Marital Vows.

I have come to understand one thing in the business world, in every merger the two or more companies will lose their identities to assume a new one. But when one is taking over the other; the one being taken over will lose its identity. Yeah, my business understanding, I stand to be corrected if wrong. So, what’s the point in this? I will come shortly to that but as my usual way; let’s still do alittle bit of analogy.

In the beginning of creation if you do read your bible as a Christian or otherwise, you know God had a major mathematical problem, which of course the solution had to be subtraction or addition, Genesis 2:21-24. And if it is subtraction, it will reduce, meaning there’s will be a gap to fill. And when it is addition, it increases, meaning there will be no gap to fill. whichever way; there will be a deficiency. The solution to this mathematical  problem had to be one that will equate the problem. Of course, I know you have a good idea of what this is all about and that’s the world of ‘marriage’. Where two numbers are added yet cannot increase but stay equal inorder to equate the personality of both individuals, so that, they can complement each other.

In the world of 'marriage' everything and anything should be ‘us’ not ‘you and me’ because 'you and me' are quite different from 'us'. Remember 'you and me' came together to make ‘us’. But many marriages today is losing the 'us' to 'you and me'. Hence, the high rate of unhappiness in marriage, divorce and reluctance of some singles to be married.
There’s need to look inward and focus much energy in developing ‘us’ instead of ‘me’ after the ‘I do’. When you hear some couples talk about woes of marriages one will be forced to wonder if they were asked to make the vow at gunpoint. There’s one thing I have come to realise that can sustain any relationship be it a me, myself, and mine relationship or ‘us’ and that’s ability to make allowances for forgiveness. Letting go of issues no matter how deep it might have hurt will go a long way in dealing with painful experiences in every relationship. What baffles me is this, no one have the ability to hold a grudge or ask for forgiveness in death. So, why not let it go while life is still to be lived to the fullest?
There are so much marring of marital vows today because of unforgiveness. Even when they say they have forgiven, the pain is hidden away in one corner of the heart waiting for more to be added. And when more of such addition occupies the heart, love is pushed away and replaced with bitterness making the relationship that started beautifully one of unbearable pain.
When each grudge is erased with a smile or apology, love increases and occupies more space in the heart. And yes. There’s nothing love cannot tolerant or forgive, absolutely nothing because love bears all things 1 Corinthians 13.
Happy new month to you and I pray we get all that our heart desires that's pleasing to God. I do love you and learning to keep you in my prayers. Do remember to do so for me and our nation. Cheers!!

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