Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Real Experience: She couldn’t let the ‘Mess’ become the ‘Message’ in her Marriage.

I love the world we live in because of the uniqueness of humans. Another man’s meat they say is another man’s poison. Well, I have two real experiences to share on marital relationship today. One will make you sad and the other if I am able to express it properly should make you laugh. Both are centred on fouling the air (fart) which is jokingly called ‘mess’.  How that ruined relationships. I will go will the sad story first.

A couple before marriage decided to talk about what they both definitely cannot tolerate. The man said; he hates to be coming home before his wife. That he won’t be able to tolerate it. And the lady told him she can’t stand when someone fouls the air. Even her family attested to it. That she can be nauseous if anyone does that in her presence. They agreed to avoid any of these and they got married.
Some months into the marriage, they were eating and suddenly the man fouled the air. The woman got up, went to their room and parked out of the house.
On getting home, everyone tried to find out what transpired between them but she refused to say a word. Even the man was lost for words. Finally she asked for a meeting between both families and everyone that matters came. The lady asked the man’s family to ask the man what she told him she cannot tolerate before they got married. That was when the man realised what he did wrong. He apologised and explained he has forgotten about that incident and didn’t mean it to annoy her. Both families pleaded but the lady bluntly refused to go back to the man, even as at the time of writing this article, she is yet to accept the man even with all the pleadings.
The second one:
This happened to a couple on honeymoon, the man decided to step out for a second and left the door ajar. The lady buried inside the blanket was busy watching TV and she felt the need to ease herself and silently let the gas out. Unfortunately it didn’t occur to her to remove the blanket so that the fouled air could circulate before her husband’s return.
Shortly, the man came and was in a good mood for more play and pouring endearing words on his wife decided to pass through the foot of the bed. He raised the blanket and put his head but couldn’t continue the upward movement when he choked on the smell that welcomed his nostrils. He came out furious and of course, wifey almost buried herself with shame.  To crown it up he ordered her to get into the toilet and stay there. To avoid more embarrassment, she went to spend sometime there even though, she wasn’t pressed.
Oops!! That’s how both couldn’t let the ‘mess’ become ‘message’ of freedom in their marriages. I have once heard or read that if a man or woman cannot foul the air in the presence of their wife or husband, that man or woman is secretive and capable of killing his or her partner. How true I believe should be on individual difference. But the act of forgiveness should be built or learn to forgive within and in every relationship. That will help you to have if not a perfect home but close to perfection. And yes! it can be achieved.

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