Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pastor David Oyedepo and Wife Photo Gives a New Definition to 'Like' and 'Love'.

That's a couple specially connected by God Himself. Even Satan knows not to bother to trouble their home. Interestingly, Pastor David Oyedepo who's the resident pastor of the Winners' Chapel Church (Faith Tabernacle), Canaan land wife, Kemi Oyedepo gives thought provoking insight on what it truly means to like someone. Yeah! It is LIKE not LOVE. This excerpt from her regular Family Life class, ‘Crisis Proof your Family is really enriching. I pray you get it straightened out after reading this.

"There is nothing like being married to someone you actually just LIKE! I don't mean love; love is absolutely important but I mean someone you just like; that is, even if there was no emotional attachment, your spouse will still genuinely like you and want to be around you A Lot, and vice versa.
I have come across men and women who I like just because of how they are and certain traits they posses. Please make yourself a likeable person; accept your wrong doings and apologise when you need to. Be responsible, be thoughtful, be humble; be respectful, have a sound character, be teachable, be tolerant, etc. Work on yourself to reflect traits that people just generally like in a person. It makes a difference when your spouse actually likes you, you know!
It's so funny, when people talk about my husband and how he is, I realise that I genuinely feel the same way they do. There is no greater feeling than that" .

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