Friday, April 08, 2016

Putting the Carcass in the Casket.

It is Friday, the day many always look forward to each week. Base on the originality of OPJ, it is a day of less serious post usually referred to as (Friday don come). However, the Lord won’t let me be until I write about putting the carcass in the casket and getting it buried. Maybe someone needs to read this. After this, I believe will be up next.

One does not need to study medicine to know, if a wound is not cleaned up and properly treated, it will get infected. When that happens the individual life will be in great danger. Many do not even survive to tell the story. Hence there’s need to take care of every wound inorder to be free from the pain it inflicts. In doing so, it doesn’t matter how or when it happened. What matters is healing. So it should be when we get offended or offends someone. The fragile state of the heart can barely take much of pain, is the reason many set out to protect themselves from been hurt.

Offenses are like the carcass of animals (which is what is left of the dead body of an animal including humans after decaying or decomposing). Yet, when found in the case of humans, it is still taken to be buried, I Kings 13:24-29. After every fight the carcass becomes the grudge many will hold unto. In every situation there’s need to let go of all offense because of the hindrance it will create in one’s life. Offense do not yield any good thoughts rather breeds terrible thoughts which when carried out can only lead to regrets and pain.
You will be surprise at what you will find if you are to check the hearts of men. The various offenses been harboured towards people that might not be aware they have offended anyone, 1 Samuel 18:7-9. The truth is; no matter how hard you try, offense must come and you might also offend someone. Many times, it usually not the intention to offend but it just happened. The worse is when the offender refuses to accept his or her wrong (s) and the grudge keeping begins. And whoever is harbouring a grudge tend to suffer more. 
It is alright if you must keep grudge to prove how hurt you feel but you must ask yourself ‘who cares?’ if he that offended you does he will probably have apologised. And is it necessary to let someone know how much power they have to hurt you? Because with that knowledge they might set out to do worse. In essence it will be more alright if you can let go to prove there are more important things to dwell on than be offended by letting the individual know how you feel. If he accepts and apologises, good but if otherwise remember when in treating a wound, it doesn’t matter how, when or where it happened  but the focus is healing inorder to be free from the pain.
Of course, it is difficult to overlook how terrible humans behave but will you chose to kill yourself because of the terrible act of another even if it is towards you? If yes! What will be your gain? Because the person that caused your death will be alive and probably ask God for forgiveness and continue to enjoy life. The truth is, your ability to handle offenses determine the place of God in your heart. If He takes the first position, there will be no wrong you cannot forgive. It doesn’t matter if someone frames you for a crime because you know God is always working out a way of escape Romans 8:28.
Life could be this simple you know: when you hurt someone, be kind to apologise. And when someone hurts you, be kind to forgive. Now, it doesn’t matter if the person actually accepts his or her wrong. What matters is you being at peace with life. Simply let every carcass find their way to the casket and be properly buried. That way you won’t be reminded of how you hurt or got hurt.
Hmm! Happy weekend and of course I won’t fail to let you know how much I love you and keeping us all in my prayers. Be kind to do same too and rejoice because God is taking us to greater heights. Cheers!

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