Monday, April 04, 2016

Race with Grace.

Monday is almost coming to an end and I know the race to wherever place of earning a living for today is drawing to a close too but then, we still have the whole week ahead so,  take some time to grace yourself up inorder to get a raise this week. Let’s begin by sharing this graceful testimony of a former team mate whom God has elevated greatly. He applied for a lecturing job at the Federal University (FUTO), Imo State in 2013. Of course with the high rate of unemployment so did tens if not hundreds of thousands of people.
He didn’t get any response from them until 2014 when they were called for interview. After the first one he got shortlisted for the final one alongside 300 more qualified candidates, he thought to himself.

The night before the interview, he decided to study. He is a micro biologist. In the process he came across a particular topic which jumped at him. After a thought, he realised he doesn’t understand the topic properly, especially in differentiating between the major process; Biodegradation and bioremediation. He took out time to study that topic in the midst of hundreds of pages to read. On getting there for the interview, he saw the other candidates with mountainous publications and his heart almost failed him. Well, he was eventually called to face the panel of the interviewees made up of prominent people from the Vice-Chancellor to the deans and heads of department. Various questions were thrown at him but the remarkable one is at the end of all questions the HOD (head of department) will ask a final question which the applicant is expected to get correctly. And the very question the HOD asked was for him to differentiate between biodegradation and bioremediation.
Last year, he was eventually called to resume work and since then, it has been from one testimony of divine favour to another.
When grace is at work, you are precise with what needs to be done and when it is to be done. It doesn’t happen a moment too late or too early. Precision and appropriateness is grace at work. You need grace to stop the random race. What some of us may call ‘trial luck’ you do this and when it doesn’t work out good, try another hoping this will work and you keep at it until you get beat down. No! Grace won’t give luck, grace will make favour speak on your behalf.

So, ‘the how can it be possible?’ Is a question one must learn not to ask with God on one’s side. The focus should be ‘it is possible’ with God. His grace makes every race of life you embark on to bring a raise in your life. You don’t need to understand, you just need to believe. His ways are ever higher than ours. The smooth sail of a sailor is because he has a good hold of the anchor. Even when the storm come beating hard, he holds onto the anchor because the moment he gives up means the end of the journey. That’s how you should hold firm onto God. When He is your anchor no storm of life can beat you down and neither can you be beaten in the race of life. It may take longer than you expected but He is never a late God, He is always right on time, Isaiah 55:9.
Today, ask God to help your race with grace for a raise. Have a fruit bearing week and remember I love you and learning to keep you in my prayers. Be kind to do same for me and our nations. Cheers!!!  

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