Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Chronicles of your Miracles.

Everyone in this world today is in search of one miracle or the other. The blessed wants to be blessed more and others are hoping for any kind of blessing so long it takes them a step higher in life or take away any form of misery they are dealing with. In that entire quest, the level of one’s contentment will have a great role to play. But what many are missing is that everyone is actually an embodiment of miracle. Goodly blessed of the Lord, Genesis 1:31. But many have chosen the wrong steps hence the delay in their realisation of who and what they truly are.  What miracle or blessing are you searching for?  I believe as you read, God will order your steps appropriately to find it or them.

1)    Separation: I do understand that one can not write 'I am a Christian' on his or her forehead but one’s character or attitude towards life will spell out how Christ like an individual is. My father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo has said: God does not bless group, he blesses individual. And for your blessings to materialise it will take personal responsibility in being committed to the things of God. You cannot seek God in the midst of people but in your closet and I know if you sincerely do, you will find Him, Matthew 6:6. In essence, pray and fast, serve the Lord and work to promote His Kingdom, Matthew 6:33.

2)    Let go of the former things: Scripturally, the former things are gone immediately you accept the Lord Jesus as your saviour but the promises of God will still elude you if you don’t let go of them, 2 Corinthians 5:17. “If you are still holding onto the former things with which hands will you use to hold the new ones?” Is a question you need to ask yourself? This is usually difficult when it comes to relationships, especially, with us women. When you are born of God, it is necessary to let go of every ungodly relationship. Especially when you perceived it in your spirit. I do understand the fear of not finding a better man if you let go of the relationship you’ve worked hard at over seven or less or more years. Well, it is simple the great plan of God will yet to unfold until you become obedient and let go and let God give to you not just a better man but the very best of His handiwork. I am confident because I have seen it happen and still happening myself.

3)    Pray in tongues: There are times if not too often, our prayers have gone unanswered because we pray amiss James 4:3. The good news is; there’s no praying amiss when you pray in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit understands the language our God will respond to better than us, (you know, as humans we have our weak buttons; actually they called it ‘mumu’ button. And some persons already know how to press those buttons to get what they want from us) 1 Corinthians 14 verse 2, 4 and 14. That’s the deal with the Holy Spirit. I recently lost my purse in a crowded place in the university and some asked me to forget it. For quite a while we kept searching and I was moved to tears because of the essentials in the purse. After a while, it was suggested I return back to the same place I have searched over and over again. And I also perceived it in my spirit. As I was going there, I remember how God has responded in previous time when I found myself in the similar situation so, I started speaking in tongues telling God how I can’t afford to lose the purse, remember in the Spirit no asking amiss. I got there and a gentleman noticed the way I was acting and asked what the matter was and I told him. He went inside the same store I have searched and gave me my purse. He had picked it from the ground and kept it. The Spirit of God is always accurate. He chose a man that will willingly return the purse to be the one to find it on the floor. And until I communicated with Him, I was just searching in vain.

4)    Trust: Our inability to completely trust God has continuously strengthened the hold of satan on our blessings. The scripture has spelt it out in clear and plain terms we are indomitable, Romans 8:37. Unfortunately our domineering nature over the devil is yet to manifest because we focus too much on our human understanding and efforts. Fear of the unknown and the question of ‘what if’ is the reason why our testimonies aren’t being heard. The devil is defeated and he’s nothing but a scary scarecrow. But you got life and authourity given to you by the almighty God. Trust Him, He will not only expose the devil’s lies, He will beautify your life too.

5)    Praise, worship and thanksgiving: How do you feel when someone begins to thank you profusely because you promised to grant a favour they asked for from you? I believe appreciated which tends to motivate you in granting the favour. There’s nothing like appreciating God in all situations because he has made your life beautiful, Psalm 100:4. You only need the manifestation to show, hence, the need to sing songs of praise and worship and give Him thanks at all time and in all situations.

I hope to hear, read or publish your testimony someday about how God has dealt wondrously with you (testimonies have a way of replicating themselves in the lives of people. Let someone faith be straightened by yours by sending it to And do remember I care and always keeping you in my prayers. Be kind to do same for me and our nation’s peace. Cheers!!!

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