Friday, April 22, 2016

Sylvester Stallone: The Cord for a Broken Record.

Some days ago, precisely on  the 14th of April I read an inspiring story from the morning devotional ‘Our Daily Manna’ of Sylvester Stallone popularly called Rambo after one of his most successful films of all times.

Sylvester Stallone who’s today one of American movie superstar didn’t have it all rosy at the beginning. At some point he got so broke, he stole and sold his wife’s jewellery. Things got so bad he ended up homeless. He had to sleep at the New York bus station for days unable to pay rent and afford to buy food to eat. His lowest point came when he sold his dog to a stranger at a liquor store for just $25. And he said he went away crying.
Two weeks later he saw a boxing match between Mohammad Ali and Chuck  Wepner which inspired him to spend 20hours writing the script ‘Rocky’. He tried to sell it and got an offer of  $125,000 but he had just one request and that’s to star in the movie. He had to be the main actor 'Rocky' himself. The studio refused because they said “he looked and talked funny”. Few weeks later they offered him $250,000 and increased it to $350,000 but he still turned down their offers. They wanted his script but didn’t want him.
After a while the studio agreed and gave him $35,000 and allowed him star in the movie. The movie won best picture, directing and best film editing at the prestigious Oscar Awards and he even got nominated as best actor. The Movie ‘Rocky’ was also inducted into the American National Film Fare Registry as one of the greatest movie ever! And the first thing he bought with the $35,000 was his dog at the price of $15,000. He had to pay that much for a dog he sold at $25. His great story is today being shared all over the world.
Such great inspiration he has become! “Giving no offence in anything, that the ministry be not blamed” 2 Corinthians 6:3. When you give up, men will BLAME your God! So, why do it? Do NOTHING that will make men question if your God is God indeed.
Happy Weekend!!!

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