Monday, April 18, 2016

The Elements at Work in the Government.

Today, many are beginning to realise that continuous prayers need to be made on behalf of our nation, Nigeria. A great sense of relief enveloped majority when there was a change of course in the nation’s leadership Damascus journey. Several good will messages were delivered especially to eliminate the various elements at work in the nation’s government. The crimson burning of hope brightened the lives of people. It became full blown when the promise to fight the major element  working in the government was made and many are presently being probed and monies being recovered.

Unfortunately presiding over the various issues facing the nation became a secondary focus. Of course, you and I know the reversed should have been the case. One might have thought with so much looted monies been recovered the nation should be able to pay off her debts, make available the basics of life structure (jobs, power, better trans-communication system etc) and even become a lender to other nations. Well, we should have known better that; this is not the case of Paul the Apostle in Acts 9, who delivered goodwill messages and saved lives. Many today are gnashing their teeth and their mind wondering where and when will the Damascus journey actually manifest its essences.

Simply, when will probing ends and presiding over issues bothering the people begins? Don't tell me that has been going on! Because if it has we should have been buying fuel at the normal rate by now and the Senate President case with CCT won't linger this long, neither will there be denial of promises made such as paying unemployed youths N5000 nairas.  So, Let me be kind to inform you that it will only end when the elements working in the government can be defeated; it is not about the party that wins but the elements working in and with them. Just incase you are wondering what the elements are, they are simply what is referred to as bribing and corruption combed with the act of selfishness, greed, covetousness...... an endless list. You can Google or check your dictionary for any phrase similar to the aforementioned ones.
Today, fuel scarcity is still ravaging the nation which has led to high increase of everything from transportation fees and buying and selling activities. What about bringing an end to the various killings by terrorists and even non-terrorist? Our naira low value? Unemployment, Rescue of Chibok girls? etc. To curb these elements isn’t going to take our efforts anymore but God. So, if you are a Nigerian within and outside this nation, be kind to keep her in your prayers.
Do remember, I care and wishing you the best in life. Cheers!!!


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