Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Forbearance of Ignorance.

The Forbearance of Ignorance as Portrayed by former Presidential Aide and Fan.
I believe ignorance (in terms of lack of information) definitely can be excusable as portrayed by Reno Omokri and his fan on twitter. Unlike others, abuse would have been the order of the question instead of simply inquiring to know. I hope we all learn to ask questions politely before reacting over everything we think might be correct or wrong.

Reno Omokri apparently twittered about giving a keynote speech on behalf of Former President Goodluck Jonathan, using the abbreviated words 'Cal' to refer to California University. Well, a twitter user took the words to mean 'Calabar' which prompted her to ask if there's Calabar University. And she got her reply thus:

"Nigeria is important, but there's a world outside my dear. Cal State stands for California State, not Calabar state!".

We all learn everything and the best way to do so, is to be polite even when we think we might be right. Have a good day.


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