Monday, April 18, 2016

The New Robbery Tactics Using Keke in Warri and Governmental Issues Resulting in Riot.

My heart aches when I hear about what the masses are being subjected to in this nation of ours. Where other nations are busy paying their citizens benefits, ours is busy milking the masses dry. Recently, Udu Local Government in Warri Metropolis, Delta State asked all women into sales to be paying N150 every day. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling (hawking). You will pay even if all the interest you made that day is just N150. The women of course are protesting seriously against it but with the various elements at work in the government will their voice be heard? Besides, with what tricycle riders did they are today, buying tickets N200 each day, despite the fuel troubles.
Some have devised other means of using their tricycles to rob passengers. I have heard of different stories on these robbery tactics and thought to warn all Ono Pink Journal Readers and hopefully you’ll help to spread the warning.
Two ladies were robbed when riding in a tricycle. One of the passenger who was a hefty man demanded for their phones after riding some distance at the same time asking the driver to bring the gun out if they try to protest. He practically seized one of the lady throat to stop her from jumping out. After collecting their properties, he asked about their tribe. They told him and he said they got lucky because of their tribe and asked them to get down. Others who also narrated their ordeal didn’t get away so easily. One was stabbed because she thought it was a joke when a fellow passenger started demanding for her phone and monies. That earned her a serious injury.
So, when entering a tricycle avoid sitting in the middle when someone gets down for you to enter. Let the person shift inside.  And be sure the tarpaulin isn’t covering you. Let it be drawn to the end or hanged, so that you can see outside and be seen too. Do not enter when two men are already inside unless you all are entering the same in a busy junction, definitely not along. Well, I will always advice you to pray before leaving your house for God to order your steps away from evil Psalm 91.


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