Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Throttle Cravings Battle.

A sip or a glass full

Each drop takes toil
Moment of thoughts

Brings the reminder of danger

Until the tongue laps it all.

A day in time

Gives the strength to refuse

The will to fight

And the zeal to stay strong

Until the eyes behold the glass.

A move to walk away

But not far enough

As the head makes a turn

Just to take a look

When the hands were extended.

A little more

Makes the warnings irrelevant

The grip got a firm hold

Even when the protest began

The taste was lodged in the head

A restless craving

Became a burning heat

Consuming life’s existence

Holding the will to fight captivate

Despite knowing the damage.

There are reasons that make us wonder many times why people just cannot leave destructive vices. The reason why till death comes knocking, they won’t yield to warnings. On their own, they cannot succeed in fighting against whatever demons that has possessed their tongue. They need family, friends and even strangers (you and I)to help them. So, never mock their situation or judge them but rather give a word of encouragement, let them know they are strong enough to change their cravings and above all, God is much more capable of changing what needs to be changed to beautify their lives. My prayers lie with those struggling to overcome drug abuse, drunkenness and other vices. Be kind to keep them in yours too. Cheers!! 


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