Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Unfortunate Predicament of a Dispassionate Leadership.

After reading about the various havoc created by Fulani herdsmen in different part of the nation, I realise how the dispassionate attitudes (not influenced by strong emotion, and so able to be rational and impartial) of Nigerian Government has become towards the masses. Of course, it is becoming clearer on daily basis on whom we should rely on. Definitely not the government or the uniformed people put in place to protect Nigerians.

God is all we’ve got and ceaseless prayers have to be made for this nation and her people (you and me) as it is written in Psalm 122:6. Do not wait until it gets to your community to be on your knees because they can be found in all parts of the nation. Afterall, it is one Nigeria. Read an analytical epistle on the situation as written by a Facebook User  mixed with pidgin English as many demand the removal of herdsmen from their territory.

"Make we listen wetin dey happen for some parts of the Federation, wey Sapele and Delta State dey very likely to experience soon,if care is not taken.
Dis Mr Ajogu na Community Leader from d place wey Cattle Rearers attack. He leader Ajogu say, “Had it been that security agencies responded appropriately, this would not have happened. “They (Fulani herdsmen) did not take us unawares, we knew they were coming.“We are not happy; we have been crying for more than two weeks that our community is under threat. Now, over 20 people are dead. “We are still discovering corpses; we discovered one corpse this morning and so many corpses are still in the bush. “We have been shouting and crying but the security agencies did not come to our aid; only one police patrol van comes to this community.

“Because we lack security, the Fulani come here and tell us the land is theirs. They tell the farmers to kneel down and they rape the women in front of their husbands.” Ajogu noted that due to the location of the village on the border between Enugu and Kogi states, residents of Ukpani Nimbo community were always under attacks from herdsmen, whom he stated sought to turn the villagers’ farmlands into grazing fields for their cattle.
My people dem kill Secondary School teacher. Make we listen wetin Emir of Illorin tell Vice President:

The emir, who spoke on the increasing cases of herdsmen attacks in most parts of the country, said it was imperative for government to deal with the menace before it degenerated to a repeat of Boko Haram menace. According to him, “People get it wrong when they describe the rampaging and destructive herdsmen as Fulani herdsmen. They are not Fulani. They are wanders and migrants, people moving from place to place and going everywhere. They are here to destroy Nigeria entity. So, it behooves on the government to be more serious on the issue so that it does not become another Boko Haram on our hands.”
Unu dey see say middle belt leaders,don dey warn?

We get a very serious problem wey need Urgent attention, the National grazing bill, some senators dey say such bill,dem nor pass am, but see and I get the video to prove and to back my request, did morning I dey shout SAPELE AND DELTA STATE make unu wake up,this Fulani and Migrants wey dey stay Ziks Grammar School,Otite Road,Hausa Road by Yoruba Road,in fact,wey dey stay every where for Sapele and other places,if we allow dis Bill we go become slaves to d Fulani herdsmen. Them nor get more lands for North? We dey benefit from this? Our families nor dey safe again,becos for some months now, Fulani herdsmen don take over 500 lives right in front of the Nation, & Our clueless & biased President nor dey talk anything or try to Tamed dis Blood sucking demons. Nigeria don fall into deep mess,if them pass this wicked bill.

Previous elections,Buhari say he get 150 Cows. Today as he don satisfy he appetite to travel round all the Countries wey e like,e don show,say Buhari want make Fulani people take over our Farm lands,so that them go spread enter all the regions,where as the power of Land ownership lies in the hands of the State Governor.
Buhari lie. For am to keep quiet,mean say he get hand for this rubbish.

Dis Morning I dey move a motion say make Delta State Government move a fast motion to allow our people go to deir lands,to buy deir Cattle's,and make dem excuse Delta State as fast as possible.
If the Herdsmen begin Kill, these Okada Hausa people go join and dem don too many. Before our youths go gather, people don die in scores. SAPELE police na illegal dem sabi."
The last time I checked the comment section quite a number of 'Hi' has been typed because everyone is probably gripped with fear of what lies ahead of them with this act uncurbed. 


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