Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Turning Failures to become Allures for our Personal Expansion - Femi Jacobs.

Award winning actor and Tinsel indomitable lawyer writes on how we can successfully turn our failures to become the allures of our success story tomorrow. The number of times you failed will not count if you do not succeed. If you doubt me, ask Chief Ovedje Ogboru his reason(s) for his continuous aspiration to become the governor of Delta Sate despite failing in his previous attempts and kindly read more on the story of  Abraham Lincoln who became president elect of the United States in 1860 after failing in other categories and that of Thomas Edison 1000 unsuccessful attempt  at inventing the light bulb. Read the inspiring words of Femi Jacobs and turn that failed story to a successful one after the cut.

“I learned that failure of any kind could be employed for personal expansion.
Get to your breaking point and realize how elastic you really are. It's amateurish to fear pain.
Do not let your experience imprison your potential.
There are people who are living in old glory. They have been sold a lie that the past was a fluke.
What a tragedy.
If you momentarily lost your fear of pain you would make some astoundingly positive moves in multiple dimensions.
Still worth sharing are his words on making decisions not base on sentiment.
“Never go where your heart won't follow. No matter how noble. Guilt is a flimsy string.
It's hardly strong enough to hold your task together. So, whether you do it for money or for free, your task must bring you joy. With people or things or tasks, never be compelled to abide except it touches a nerve of sweet energy in your soul.
Un-ease will cause dis-ease.
We were designed to be healed by our work. We're supposed to find a sweet centre as we dispense of our giftings, not just do it for the bills.
Is it possible to be enthusiastic and not be creative? Is it possible to be inspired and not be engaged?
Meaning is life's fuel. No task is small, nor big. The size of work resides in the depth of the worker's sense of meaning and purpose.
Begin today by defining your task by WHY you do it, not just by WHAT you do. It will trigger your sense of meaning and may lead to a personal revolution.
Have a beautiful day and do remember I care and always keeping you in my prayers. Be kind to do same for me and our nation's peace. Cheers!

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