Thursday, April 07, 2016

Ways to Magnanimously Reduce the Magnitude of Every Judas Mission in your Life by Prophetess Tera Carissa Hodges.

Judas NEVER realizes the magnitude of what he has done until he has already done it, Matthew 27:3. Just came out of prayer. God says: THIS is the season to pray for EVERY Judas in your life that is now coming to themselves. When the veil of deception lifts, depression soon follows because their eyes are opening.

Pray for their mind. It can be tough to accept just how far you've allowed deception to take you. They can now see the people who used them never had the best intentions towards them but were only out for what they, their organization, their group could gain, at the expense of using Judas to attempt to tear somebody--who has never done anything to them, down. What were the motives? The Pharisees or the people who used Judas wanted the influence, and popularity that Jesus had and saw Judas as an avenue to get it and stop Him, "it was out of envy and SELF interest that they accused Jesus and handed him over," Mark 15:10.
Understand, the Pharisees were older men who were already established in ministry. In theory and prestige, they had nothing to be jealous of. But, every David can testify that Saul doesn't have a problem with now...he has a problem with NEXT. People who are jealous of you, are not jealous of where you are now, but where they can only imagine God is about to take you. Had Jesus been under their control, they would have cheered Him on, but because Jesus' agenda was not their agenda, and He could clearly see through theirs, in their mind, He had to go! What was the motive that caused Judas to take the bait? Pride of life; the thought of what he might gain: favour with man, power, position, money, elevation, and celebration...everything satan offered Jesus in Matthew 4 but God.
This is the season; God will NOT allow Judas to win from your wound. I don't care what Judas tried to do TO you, GOD is turning this thing around FOR you! Tell spectators: If you've never witnessed a resurrection, keep watching because I AM coming back from this!

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