Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When your Actions are Geared by Fear.

Everyman has something he’s afraid of, I have been told. Many times what one fears is usually unrealistic. And other times our fears get to unfold before us. This will probably remind you of the biblical story about a man called Job, whose fears of losing everything someday materialised when Satan decided to ask God to make his fears a reality, Job 1:12, 2:1 & 3:25.

Now, you know that fear can only materialise when Satan choose to use  it against you. Anyway, he is the one that puts it in your mind  in the first place and also capable of removing it, if it won't suit his mission, such as you having the fear of God as Job did. But you must remember that it is written that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind  2 Timothy 1:7.

By now, you might have come to realise every action is gear by fear or courage. Your fear is probably different from what another is feeling, although they can only lead to one thing and that’s captivity.  Two major fear a man has are:
Fear of the unknown: What will tomorrow bring is one of the reason many worry so much they’ve forgotten how it feels to be happy. What tomorrow will bring is also surrounded with fear of death and that kills faster than death itself. Anyway, a man can only die but once  and  I pray ours will be after a very long and prosperous years in Jesus Name (Amen) Psalm 91:16. Your freedom from such fear is what will enable you live and enjoy life each day.

Fear of failure: This has made many not to venture out in taking risk in making decisions which can only galvanised them to a better tomorrow especially in the world of business.
Others include fear of the dark, height, rejection, loneliness, ridicule, pain, disappointment, misery etc.

Queen Esther defiled her fear of perishing and ended saving her life and that of the entire Jews people Esther 4:6.

Two major things that will happen when fear gears your actions

Poverty/stagnation: There will be no moving forward for anyone who’s afraid to take the next step in life. Be it in making business decision, marriage, education etc.
Failure: Any decision made out of fear is heading to the cliff and it will definitely fall off. Fear makes a man act irrationally. A man that’s afraid of his wife cheating on him will definitely become overly protective and that will strain the relationship to a breaking point. That also applies to the woman who’s  always on the watch over her man. A student who’s so afraid of his or her exams will probably gets too worried and ends up falling sick just before the exams or forgetting whatever he’s supposed to write. Some of such cases have nothing to do with any witch brain washing anyone but the devil holding their minds captive to take away their peace. There are others but I chose to just focus on these two.

Conclusively, God has  not given you the Spirit of fear. He made your mind to be sound. Save that in your memory and remind the devil anytime he comes to hold your mind captive with his fearful lies. 2 Timothy 1:7.
Do have a beautiful day and always remember I care.   Today is Wednesday, do make out time to attend mid-week service and if you're still in search of a church to identify with, then locate any Winners' Chapel church around you. God is raising up giants there and you might just be one of them. Cheers!!!

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