Monday, April 18, 2016

Your Speech can Leach the Devil.

In life every spoken word can be base on human or spiritual understanding. The human understanding are words that are dependent on the abilities of man and that of spiritually spoken words are what you called ‘faith founded words’.  There’s this story I will like to remind you of in 2 Kings 4:8-36 of the Shunammite’s woman. She gave two different answers to one question base on what she felt the person carried. When her husband asked if all is well? She gave her answer base on human understanding thus ‘it shall be well.’ Take note of the word ‘shall’ But when the prophet asked that same question she replied 'it is well' because she knew what she seeks can be found with and in the prophet. And yes it became well with her.
The faith reply to God’s prophet was her way of letting God know how much she trusted Him for what He is capable of doing via His servant. It is obvious the class she had placed these two men base on her understanding. The Kind of conversation you have and with who will determine your ability to curb the devil’s lies. When you encounter a man of God or attends any Godly programme, let the faith speech give rise to a new story. Remember faith without works is dead James 2:14-16. The woman knew this and applied it and the end result is the restoration of life back to her dead child.

We have come to understand our adversary, the devil is not easily dissuaded, hence the need to be firm with your words of faith. Do not give reply base on man’s understanding that will and can only make you experience a ‘standstill’ life. Stagnated and frustrated which will give the devil the satisfaction. He knows the powerful effect of a faith filled words hence, the reason of placing doubts in your heart. That’s why you must continuously focus on who is carrying what you’re looking for. That’s the Lord most high. And His word (the bible is all you need to do exploit) When you fill your heart with His instructions, the devil will learn not to trouble you at all. Even when he tries be ready to make him fail with your faith words of rebuke and he will flee from you James 4:7.
This post was suppose to be yesterday but got too busy, so later in the day, Monday wake up post will be right up. Cheers!!!

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