Monday, May 16, 2016

A Look through the Nook - Fuel Subsidy Removal.

Taking a look through the nook will be in two dimension: first, let's consider life issues and conclude it with the fuel subsidy removal.

ln life, it is always necessary to give something a second thought, a second look to avoid mistakes. Many of the mistakes one makes could easily have been avoided if much deliberation was given to a decision, choice..... We live in the jet age and also people make decisions in such too fast and furious manner. Do not be too quick to draw conclusion on any thing unless you have given it a second thought. A little bit of more of such thoughts will save a life time of regrets.

I believe you are familiar with the term ‘narrow escape’ which can be used to describe one’s survival of an incident that would have brought much trouble. Several times people have had to narrowly overcome a situation by tarring a little longer than what their patience or strength could take. This has revealed no matter how difficult a situation is; there’s a means of escape 1 Corinthians 10:13. It could be narrow or broad depending on where, who or what ones strength lies. Many people readily believe the promises of rescue offered by man today instead of the ancient ones that has been put in place by God. Give a second thought to it, you’ll come to understand many of the difficult situation we encountered is as a result of relying on the wrong source of strength.
In a dark alley, a beam of light still can carve out a path for one. If that light can be found at the point of need. It might be a tiny beam but it will still keep one from falling when one stays on the path it creates for him or her. How much more when you’ve got an offer of a fluorescence light to broadly lightened up your path? However, many are so untruthful and too floored to believe the existence of such light . Hence, they have chosen to walk the dark path that keeps them entrapped.

No matter what your life issues are right now; be it, an empty bank account, stomach, broken or delayed marriage, addiction.......endless list of life troubles, the Lord has offered us a way of escape via His word (Bible) Joshua 1:8. All you need to do is to; pick it up and look through the nook. Jesus is right there waiting to guild and flood your life with light to keep each day brighten. It’s a new week, you could start all over again. Broken or weary, take a look through the nook, there’s an escape route waiting for you.

Also, let's take; A Look through the Nook on Subsidy Removal.

I doubt, if I know of any who campaigned vigorously for this government on social media more than Dr. Ejiro Imuere. Hear him FOR WHO STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

This is how the Federal Government will make N73 per litre on the sale of fuel from this increment. Nigerian has 2 sources of fuel for the populace, local source which is refined LOCALLY and foreign source which is times like this, the government only use foreign imports to boost their arguments and the reason to increase fuel.... THEY NEVER TELL US THE AMOUNT BEING REFINED LOCALLY. But all 3 refineries have been working in full capacity. I visit warri Refinery most times and i have friends working there. Most times when you hear that the refineries are not working it is a BIG LIE, they are working most times or why will Government still be paying them huge salaries for sitting idle?? because if Govt is solely importing, the the refineries would have been shut. In fact the 3 refineries refines about 40% of our local consumption while the rest 60% are imported........with this new increment it is very obvious that only Private marketers that will import, with dollars obtained from Parallel market. This of course will make their landing cost come to around N120, NNPC however will not import....the crude will be sold to them here directly at the $38 per barrel........they will refine it here. Consequently they will enjoy a comparative cost advantage of local Production and Production Cost will be around N72 per litre. They will then sell to us also at N145 per litre generating a Profit of 73 per litre.....this amount when realised is so huge that it is more than enough to finance the deficit in our 6 trillion budget. But know that the FGN does not really want the Price to be N145, it actually wants the Price to be N120. This N120 will be the final negotiated Price that NLC Will use in calling off its ''arrangee strike'' .

Precisely my point of reposting the article is that; the fuel increment is to fund the budget deficit. Pure and simple!

However, don't forget there's a way of escape, just focus on the Lord almighty, the greatest of all leaders. Do have the most fruits bearing week. Spend less time in complaining and more time in praying for Nigeria, Psalm 122:6. Cheers!

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