Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Rare Dare to Dream.

A rare dare to dream. Well, not to be like her but to have the platform to be a reformer. How big your dreams are will determine the strength of your gig when the storm comes rowing. In essence, it is just right for you to make your gig as big as your dream. Because, everyone has got a big dream but just lack the gig to hold strong (gig in this context is based on the real meaning as a light two-wheeled carriage pulled by one horse or a light, fast, narrow boat adapted for rowing or sailing). Yeah! I know you're probably thinking of gig in context of entertainment. Well, that will only come when you get your gig sailing smoothly.

There was a quote I read today that was written by a rap artist that says: This generation is so obsessed with looking successful than actually being successful. ...Kanye

Now, to what I know better; biblical example of having a firm gig to live your big dream. Let's review the life of Joseph who had the most unrealistic dream according to those he told it to (which were family, Genesis 37:5-11 ). But he had a strong gig (faith) on who has given him the dream (God), Genesis Chapter 37 to Chapter 50. He could because it wasn't a dream based on satisfying the flesh yearning but being a reformer to his generation. Specifically, it wasn't because so and so person is successful in this area or making lots of money  or having the need for revenge, then a new dream is formed. I have to do same and make more money or avenge that person who once disrespected me because of his or her wealth. Honey, you going to end up mourning. Ask Haman in the book of Esther if you ever come across him. However, I pray you do not.

Your gig will be strong to row into your gig (this time dancing) when the source of that dream is God because when it is God, the why and what do you dream to achieve will be well defined and specified. Let me share this story with you. A brother was called to become a pastor (to open a church) and he was confused on how to go about it, especially with the rate at which churches are being established today. He went to another man of God, he believed of having a strong standing with God to help him ask God how will he start. Days later, the brother called the pastor he had pleaded to help him with specification from God. The pastor however hasn't heard anything from God at the time the brother decided to visit for an answer. But just before his arrival, the pastor prayed again asking our great God on what to say to this brother. And the Lord said he should tell him to 'start'. Remember, yesterday article; if it is not about God, it isn't worth talking about. Well, this brother started with outreach, printed tracts and was going on regular evangelism to win souls.

One day, he preached to a man who truly accepted Jesus as his saviour. This man sometime ago built a big warehouse but yet to decide on what to do with it. The man decided to give the warehouse to the brother to begin his church. Now, of course; the word of the Lord grew and so where many souls saved.

Your ability to have faith like the brother and Joseph even in unlikely situations and not to be persuaded to deviate from His instruction is what will bring about a reality of your unrealistic dream. Do not worry about mockers, they are there to make the journey a memorable one. And they will easily change to rockers that will claim alliance tomorrow. So, let's get our gig (faith in God) in place today to enjoy a great gig (celebration) tomorrow. So, 'start' Cheers!

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  1. Nice, life is aimless without dreams.