Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Virtuous Woman with Illustrious Values.

A Virtuous Woman with Illustrious Values (The woman with a wall up).

Gentlemen: The greatest love lies with the woman with a wall up, climb it. Let’s get a little proverbial and psychological with this post. I know you can get on with the flow. You need to climb to get a very ripe fruit on the farthest top of a tree even when you can easily have access to other less ripe ones. When climbing, you do it with care and select the branches that can hold your weight. Of course, It is a risky task but the gain thereof makes it worth your time.
The irony of a man and woman relationship is that; they are too easily and cheaply formed today. The women are scared if they make it difficult, they might lose him to another woman. Yeah! Men are scarce. The man moves on to the next woman if one proves to be too difficult. This shallow attitude is what is making some relationship the bedrock of complain, anguish and to be short. The woman with a wall up doesn’t just want a man but ‘her’ man, completing each other.  Climb it, let her know she’s truly desired and you’ll fight for her. Even if it involves getting in the boxing ring and taking some punches. Hope you won’t chicken out if it gets to that? (*smiles*).
Precious jewels are expensive to get but when you do possess one, their illustrious spectacles never diminished. You treat them with care, keep them safely and show off at every given opportunity with pride. So is a woman with a wall up, you shouldn’t fault that. Remember; nothing good comes easy. Eve didn't come easy. Adam had to give up his rib for her Genesis 2:21, Jacob served for 14years to marry his wife Rachel in Genesis 29:20 and Genesis 33 talked about how protective he was towards her and her household.  
She could have learned from others or her own experience. Probably once broken and not ready to go through such lane again (“once beaten, twice shy”). The world is full of deceit and wolves insheep clothing. Too many are after what they can get from you than give to you. It is your duty to make her realise there’s truly a better lane to walk on. It is alright if you miss your footing each attempt, never give up you’ll find a firm ground.
Don’t forget the saying: ‘behind every successful man there’s a woman’. Your success as a man lies on finding a virtuous woman with illustrious values. Have you heard about some rich men talk about the story of how their women stood by them? If you have, then you will understand the value attached to that; that isn’t cheaply possessed. Cheers!

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