Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Addictive and Destructive Habits Redemptive Measures.

How many times have you told yourself ‘I’m never going to do this again. I’m done?’ and if you’ve got a relationship with God, how many times have you gone to Him saying ‘please forgive me God, it’s never gonna happen again? There will definitely be no next time'? And when next time comes around, you try hard, really hard infact so hard that just at the verge of succeeding; you give in to your weakness. Your strength couldn’t just take the final leap over and the guilt trip begins again.

Right now, you want nobody telling you to pray but we will still start with me telling you to. Even if you don’t know how atleast you know how to talk, so talk to Him about it. You’ve got to set things right spiritually before talking about the physical steps we need to take. Maybe you think you’ve prayed long enough. Well, I will tell you many preachers did say ‘if you haven’t gotten an answer to your prayer, it means you haven’t prayed nearly long or hard enough’. I have learned the hard way, in everyman’s weakness lies his strength. You just need to know the conversion tactics or reaction. That’s submission of will + complete trust = Redemption. And yes! Submission to God and total trust in Him. Hey! Don’t go away just yet, there’s more, if you find the patient to keep reading. Oh! Where you expecting something else, well do not feel disappointed but just try again using the tactics and I know you’ll have a reason to smile through your worries. Okay! That’s at the spiritual realm where the devil get to manufacture his ill devices which he coats with pleasure and you think nothing could feel better.
There are four things you need to do to get over any form of addiction such as Smoking, drinking, lying, stealing or anything you do excessively that has become harmful to you (you do know some of these habits are in greater measure than others). Of course, not everyone wants to give it or them up, they believe it's part of their statuesque in the society.  However, if only they think about how meaningless statuesque when they're six feet beneath I pray they'll get to change. If only one could get to ask Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, her daughter (Bobbi Kristina), Fela and a host of mad people combing your town's streets.
1)    Take Hold: No one was born evil, with terrible cravings or habits. They aren’t inbuilt. They were learned for some reasons which could be for the pleasure of it or safety sake or out of helplessness etc. Each and every habit can be unlearned too because if you don’t get to kill them first, they will kill you. Again, you could try asking Whitney Houston, her daughter (Bobbi Kristiana), Michael Jackson, Fela and a host of mad people combing your town’s street. Taking hold begins with a reformative mindset. The most powerful place to establish and destroy habits is the mind. I understand you’re praying and trying hard to let go but your mind must be prepared to be willing to cultivate other thoughts in you than your addiction. You have to think less about that habit, the feelings it generate and whenever you take a step farther from it and you miss it terribly, do not dwell on it. Dwell, on the fact that you’re strong enough to stay away. That should be the next pleasurable thing you get to wrap your mind around.

2)    Get Angry: Yes! Get angry at the devil because he’s the father of all evil and at yourself for being too weak or gullible. Still thinking of why you should be angry? Then, think about what the addiction has caused,

(Check above photo of a young man who got his hand chopped off when trying to steal a phone through the window), the shame and humiliation you might have been subjected to..... I believe it’s a very long list. Come to think of it... which leaves more lasting memories: sweet or bitter taste. And which spread faster? Bad or good news? You’ll agree it’s the bitter and bad news. A million goodness can easily be forgotten as a result of one act of evil. Anger energised and give courage when one lacks it. The thing is when you make up your mind to get over any addictive habit, I hope you do know the devil isn’t going to make it any easier for you. It is a battle of the wits and who get to outwit the other of course becomes the Champion in this silent fight. Be firm and blow out the fumes rightly by taking the next step.

3)    Handle yourself: Why going through the reformative process and blowing out the steam of anger, get to handle yourself by asking the why, what, when and where does the habits occur.

Questions such as:

Do I feel worthless or too valuable because of my position in the society? Is that what prompts me to develop this habit?
Do I do it to fit in?
What pleasure do I derive from it? What’s the gain?
Where do I normally have the cravings?: Is it when I get angry, anxious, excited or hangout with friends? Your answers will tell you where and how to handle yourself.
The truth is, there will be people and places you must avoid to succeed. Things you have to give up that can easily distract you from your goal. It is not going to be easy but let determination to succeed be utmost and I pray you’ll find the anger and the strength to propel you to the finish line.
In all of it, study these scriptural verses. Even if you don’t know how to study the bible, I believe you do know how to read. So, read through them and keep reading: Romans 12:2, 1 Corinthians 10:13; 15:13, Philippians 4:13, 1 John 1:9, 1 John 1:9; 2:15-17, Proverbs 28:13, Colossians 3:5-17. However, I will advise you to seek help from a counsellor(preferably a minister of the gospel), psychologist...... being my field, I could make recommendation. All you need to do is send a mail to onopinkjournal@gmail.com. And they are the most secretive people that are likely to bury your secret in places they will forget to look.
If you ever feel no one loves you, remember I do and the Lord does much more than you’ll ever think. And I am keeping you in my prayers. Be kind to do same for others and our nation’s peace and safety. Cheers!


  1. You have never been addicted to anything hahahahaha

  2. Oh my God.. I feel you're talking to me right now.
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  3. am addicted to Peanuts.. lol.