Saturday, May 07, 2016

Aww! The Act of this Kind Hearted Lady Will Renew your Hope in Mankind.

There are still kind hearted and selfless people that will go out of their way to make life better for others in the world today. This beautiful lady, Anita Okechekwu has proved that by saving a family from having to weep when she showed concern at the sight of two weary children.  Read the story of how she saved the children with her (photo) after the cut.

"I was in my office yesterday when I saw two kids, one is 2years old and the other 10years old. I saw them heading to Ohafia Abiriba road, a very lonely and dangerous place. so I stopped them and interviewed them, they told me that they are from Afara Ibeku going to Okigwe village. so I became shocked cos the road they were taking leads to Ohafia Arochukwu, Igbere, Abiriba etc.

After interviewing them I found out that they missed road and don't even know where they were going to, so I took them to BCA and reported there.
They televised them and asked me to go home with them, so I came back home with the two kids, I gave them food and bathed them, and they slept in my room.

This morning, the BCA news broadcaster called me and asked me to come to the station with the two kids for their parent to take them.

According to their parent, they have searched for them everywhere but couldn't find them. but later, one of their neighbor saw them in the television when they were announced missing, so he rushed to their house and informed them. Immediately, they rushed to BCA for clarification.

This morning, the BCA news broadcaster called me so I took them there and handed them over to their parent.

Due to the way I treated them, they refused to go with their parent, they were crying that they will go with me so I begged them to go and that I will come and pick them later.

People were blessing me, all the BCA staff were very happy that I did such a marvelous work.
Finally, I snapped with them....

Chai!!!! am gonna miss them.
Always do good wherever you are, affect lives positively, be a good Samaritan and God will bless you. #lovingthesekids."
And I agree with her. You don't have to be rich before you care for others.

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