Monday, May 09, 2016

Aww! What the Family that Farms Together get to Find.

There are some people I just can't help not write about. The picture of kemi Oyedepo and her children should make you realise the family that farms together can only keep finding treasures because the earth is the Lord and its fullness therefore, Psalm 24:1, 1 Corinthians 10:26. Read what she wrote after the cut.

Happy Mummies😜😏 Day (USA). Most of my most cherished moments are with my babies. Thank God for the privilege of moulding destinies from scratch. What an awesome God to see us worthy of such a task. I salute all mothers out there (especially my sweet mother), including myself😉😉. We will not fail & we will continue to eat the fruits of our labour. Indeed as our children are taught of the Lord, great shall be their peace AND our peace (Isaiah 54:13). May we continue to be ‪#‎valueaddingwomen‬ If you desire this great privilege, may the Lord Himself satisfy that desire. I believe God with you that the joys of motherhood would also be your experience. Side note: My sweet daughter picked out her Sunday outfit some weeks ago & I decided to ‪#‎match‬😆🙈😊Enjoy the day..

I got chatting with some people yesterday about building up the family during the mother's day celebration and I was told of a young couple that just moved into their own house because, both the man and woman chose to make decision and work together. I was impress because they are barely 30 years old. It take dedication and agreement to work together. Never lose that as a family. All the best.

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