Monday, May 09, 2016

Do not Derail from the Rail

There are rails put in place in every storey building as a protective measure. It is not for anyone to climb on and beat his chest in successfully climbing up to the top. There’s a great danger in doing so. Besides why will you want to risk your life just so, you might let others know of how high you’ve climbed when there are still higher steps to climb? Being a step or steps higher doesn’t make anyone less human than you. Of course, you do know everyone still get to breath the same free given air by God (oxygen) to stay alive. If you think you’re so special and different, try producing yours.

Being on  top sure gives you opportunity to look down on others and a choice to either mock them or lend a helping hand to climb. Oh! I almost forgot that some believe the world is a selfish place and no one wants to help in order for them not to be displaced. Hey! Take a look across the street and you’ll find out that someone is already occupying a sky scrapper and there’s a lift for everyone that cares to get to the top. They are not worried about being pushed out yet, you worry about helping others to climb a few steps.
This is what we find in some countries in the world we live in. People do not want to be their brother's keeper.  No matter how great your achievement you need to build  rails of humility and consideration round about you. It will take you higher up the steps than bring you down.  In this life, some get to take lift to greatness and others through the vigorous steps of hard work but remember it is God that giveth thee power, Deuteronomy 8:18. and Zechariah 4:6. It has nothing to do with your ability. So, be kind and of good cheers and give room to others to grow. Won’t the world be a better place if many are achievers, it will definitely reduce the ill and evil behaviour of others. What are you afraid off? Is it Betrayal? It is all started with God, Adam and Eve but check your bible God didn’t lose the garden. It was Adam and Eve that had to leave, Genesis 3:4. God will make available a hat to protect a man with a good heart. Let’s not forget, no matter how great we are, we cannot be greater than God who still loves us much more than we do love ourselves despite our failures in pleasing Him.

There’s always room for someone on top, if you doubt look up to the sky and see how vast it is. Over years of technological development of using aeroplanes two haven’t collided as a result of understanding the different route. Yes! I agree, there are few planes compared to the use of cars on the road. But with careful planning and sticking to those plans will help better lives.
Basically, learn not to derail from the rails of humility, generosity and kindness if you can put them in place, your success will get to the sky scrapping height. I pray you.  Enjoy the best of the day and week. Much love from me. Cheers!

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