Friday, May 13, 2016 Question: Ladies should he Cheat with you or Cheat on you?

Yeah! it's post, better late than never and it's a post to sample the ladies thoughts on being cheated on or cheating with a man. Hmm! Many have come to understand and probably accept the prestigious attachment some men have attached to cheating on their women. They can’t just get to eat one soup all the time, you hear some say. And the willingness of some ladies to be the woman they cheat with is alarming.
Some if not most people believe that most men cheat, even the ones that claim to be religious and spiritually minded. They tell all manners of white lies, which they wheel and automatically make pure and true. These men cheat with good number of women but make each one believe she is the only one that matters and he’s cheating with.

If he can cheat on his wife, he will definitely cheat on the mistress and the 2nd, As a woman what will it be? Should he cheat with you or cheat on you? Although I’d recommend the lane the woman in the movie ‘war room’ walked on. When it comes to the dilly dally of relationship that lane is the right one to tour. So be sincere and candid and as a lady, I don’t expect you not to leave a comment after reading this.......
Happy weekend to everyone. Cheers!


  1. Siste am plying war room lane. No man will I let cheat on me

  2. Pleaseeeee, let him cheat wit me becos it will hurt to find out he's cheating on me.

  3. He should neither cheat on me or cheat with me I hate to share especially "my man" am very territorial you better don't call it jealousy is called TERRITORIAL