Saturday, May 21, 2016

Get Inspired! Selflessness is not Helplessness.

This weekend has been a very moody one based on personal and national issues. I really can’t tell which weighs harder, especially after having to view the gruesome photos of the herd’s men massacre that have been circulating on the internet. I’ve avoided looking at them occasionally. Not to mention the other national issues of lies surrounding the Chibok girl's rescue and labour strike.

Somehow, nothing could be written or found to share with you until I came across this publication on Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan titled; THE CALL (which you might have or haven’t read). It clearly defines what it means to be selfless when the need arises. It doesn’t in anyway indicate helplessness. I couldn’t get the writer’s name before PC shut down but I am still combing through Google and when I do find the name, the update will be made.


When America saw the killing in the north in 2011 just because GEJ won the presidential election, they predicted the disintegration of Nigeria in 2015 knowing that there would be another presidential election and GEJ will again win and the war will begin.

2015 came, they heard and interpreted the Dogs and Baboons soaking in blood statement. America got prepared, they waited in Ghana and observe the happenings the world tuned their ears listening for the sound of bombs and watched expecting the first attack.

The "clock stood still" tension walked through the cities, terror became neighbours, everybody became a suspect.

He remembered the prediction, he remembered the threat, he also remembered the action in 2011.
He asked himself, is my political ambition worth the blood of any man?
The phone resting on the table
Results on cable
Jega's voice not stable
States still calling
Results still coming
Tension keep building
Prediction drawing near
Threat on alert.
He remembered you!!!!
Your importance to your family
Your value to the society
Your hope for the future.
He thought of a way out of this impending secretly organised war.
Just then, he picked his phone
He dialled a number
He said congratulations
America's prediction failed
Buhari's threat failed
He uphold the peace
He uphold ONE Nigeria
The CALL wasn't because he lost

The CALL was for you to live

And YOU are still alive after 365days.

Please, appreciate him and say ....


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