Monday, May 23, 2016

How to get your Life Nourished to Flourish.

Obedience to God’s word is difficult because you focus too much on what it’ll take in doing it instead of what you’ll gain by doing it (simply your focus is on what you might lose). For the first time, I can categorically tell you I am sharing with you what the Lord has said to me, incase you find yourself in this situation. Has there ever been a time the Lord has asked you to do something or give up something but you just couldn’t do it because of....... your prestige, shame, fear or sheer lack of trust in God? It will interest you to know, the Lord won’t take from you what He wouldn’t return back to you in manifold, Matthew 25:14-30. My Bishop (David Oyedepo) proclamation about this is; ‘my God is not a robber.’ So true! He is a miracle worker making all things to work out for your good. Are you interested? Then keep reading......

The devil being a trickster will keep you in perpetual darkness by filling your heart with the worries of what is going on around you or what will go wrong, until you become blinded from seeing the light breaking forth in the darkness, Matthew 6:31, Isaiah 58:8. There was a time you truly obeyed and had faith but nothing changed or happened you’ve thought to yourself; the thing is, what we call faith sometime is actually us challenging God to prove Himself as God. That’s what I call disguised distrust. Yeah! There’s a thin line between faith in God and disguised distrust. He doesn’t need to prove He’s God because He is God, the I AM THAT I AM. Have you heard someone say; if God be God, oh come on! He is God, so take a cue from Elisha that said; if I be a man of God.......2 Kings 1:10-13. It is your standing with God that brings about outstanding miracles because He won’t send you on an assignment without a consignment to exile. Ask the prophets of old and present, they’ve all got the same testimony to share.

Honestly, you will weep if the Lord reveals to you what happened the numbers of time you refused to let Him have His way. I can picture Him still waiting with a smile saying “come on child, I’ve got all you need”. Oh dear! My heart swells with love for His steadfastness that endures forever, Psalm 136:1. You may think, it is a long road but be assured, there’s light breaking forth that no man can comprehend. But the choice is yours; walk the path of disobedience into everlasting darkness or put in your resignation today and be free from stagnation. By the way, hope you aren’t thinking about sowing seeds (giving of money or possession)? No, it is about giving your life (everything you’ve got) to God. He will nourish it to flourish forever.
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