Friday, May 20, 2016

Lol! How Carbanion is this Opinion to the Rescue of Chibok’s Girl?

Hello! Friday is here along side with post. I’ve successfully ignored publication on the governmental fulfilment or non-fulfilment of promises but this hilarious article written by Ena Ofugara in pidgin English in respect to the recent  Chibok girl’s rescue just couldn’t be ignored. Have fun reading after the cut and check out previous post on cheating by clicking here

"Where all these my Warri sisters. None of una fit speak Hausa or Fulfude? None of una get small pikin? The new format/akpako/419 now na to say you be Chibok girl. You and your pikin go go see president. If you no fit speak Fulfude or Hausa, form deaf and dumb.

See no worry. E no get picture wey them go show take identify you if you been dey Chibok school at all. No name bank to check. Just pick any name wey Chibok people dey bear. You fit even answer Chibok Na Allah as name. Abi e get anywhere to verify??? NO!!!

Again, them no get any list of names of the girls anywhere or names of their mamas. Your mama suppose leave that okaprikebe of garri she dey shed for marke and follo u enter North right now.

See, no fear say them go ask you where the rest dey or make you go show them Boko Haram hide out so army go raid there to collect more. Just hold your senior brother. Make he claim say him na Boko Haram. He go follow Buhari take picture, collect amnesty sef.

Warri no dey carry last. I want to see "area' join for this new akpako.

WAEC girl wey no fit speak even WRONG ENGLISH say she enroll for physics. Lost girl wey her church or school or schoolmates no come to identify. WAEC girl wey none of her firends dey facebook to celebrate her return. WAEC girl wey no get history. All of a sudden she burst outside and everybody say she be CHIBOK GIRL. Make them let me interview her make she name 20 teachers in the school and twenty classmates.

Warii!! ALELE, see new akpako!!!"
Have a good day. Cheers!


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