Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Day Recovery through Discovery!

My friend’s scary photo prompted me to put through a May Day call of recovery through discovery to you. However, do not let your actions be geared by fear, for there’s a grand title after every battle. The Lord has even made a way for the weak to get to the peak by travailing to prevail and destroying the magnitude of Judas operation in your life. To survive, one must avoid being crushed by the rush of modern day activities. A race with grace is a better way to discover the chronicles of one’s miracle inorder to turn every mess to a message to as many finding the beam of their dreams.

In our country, there’s no doubt that the elements at work in the government has made even the protectors to become the predators. And the government dispassionate attitude has brought upon us unfortunate incidents which deformity needs to be reformed by uniform men/security agents. However, when we ponder on God’s wonders, there will be inspiration to be on motion, thereby putting our enemies’ carcasses in the casket. Continuously, our speech will leach the devil and we will be able to attain and maintain an elevated lifestyle and every curse will be turned to a course and failures to allures  as peace shall be restored back to our nation, if only we learn not to ride on pride.

Happy new month and workers day, though the holiday’s has been shifted to tomorrow, I hope you enjoyed your day. And never cease in praying for the peace and security of our nation. If God be for us who can be against us? No one! Enjoy this jest   by clicking here while we await fresh inspiration.

(Each sentence in blue writings represent articles (links) that are channels through particular tunnel in life. Do not delay to click on any of the link that relates to you.) Cheers!

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