Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mother Nature Reflection on the Nations of the World by Clever Ubiagege.

Just the other day I had a mind-to-mind conversation with mama Africa, and I asked her: "If there was no natural resources in Africa and Middle East that was of interest to the world would there still be so much religious crisis?" And she said, tell them to stop hiding under the umbrella of religion to cause chaos and get resources cheap or free.

As I played back my brain memory, born into a Christian home, I realized that I've spent countless times with Muslims,  Christians, with those who served other gods and also with atheist. We reasoned like humans, we had enlightening and engaging conversations, we played like kids, we ate like family, and we helped one another as if we were from same bloodline. As I paid full attention to these memories, I found out that we were soaked in these moments and so we forgot which religion, which state, which ethnicity, which language or which colour, we were made of. And then, mama Africa smiled at me and said: speak, write or paint the picture of how you perceive these things for the world to see. And finally tell them what Kanye west said "ya all should quit playing with God".

He made everyone in His own image, you know that, don't you? and despite having a mind of our own, we all have a common way of address and that’s ‘human’. whatever the colour, language, country we are called with one common name which again is ‘human’ so, let’s start acting like one. And stop letting our mind play games with our heart by blocking it from having human feelings towards one and another. 

Clever Ubiagege is the founder of kubisense which is adding sixth sense to Africans attire. Follow him on instagram @kubisense.


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  1. Like seriously, people are extremely heartless in the world today.