Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Reservations on the Observations of Domestic Violence Scenes in Zeeworld Series.

I am a fan of Zeeworld  Series and I know I won’t stop being one soon. However, I worry about the message being portray in most of the series, especially, the ones they are presently televising (I worry because they are family series). My reservations are basically on two aspects: domestic violence and daughter and parent in laws relationship. There are too many scenes depicting the husbands or wives venting their anger by raising their hands on their wives or husbands or any woman/man who happened to be the source of that anger.

I do understand the fact, it is but a movie. However, the undeniable truth is the inter-relationship between the movie world and the real world (the society). An Indian VJ precisely on BollywoodMusic channel once asked a question on which influenced the other the most. The society or the movies. I could remember many of the answers given bored down that both influences each other and none is having the ‘most’ of it. The movie world influences the society and the society in turns influences the movie world. It is what the film maker sees happening in the society that he makes into a movie with a blend of fantasy and magnification of incidents. The people inturn emulates what they watch in movies with reservation in some cases.

It is as defined in social studies, which is the study of man and his environment. The man influences the environment and the environment influences man. Hence, there’s need to cut low on such scenes depicting domestic violence. There are many NGO (Non Governmental Organisations) fighting hard to completely eliminate such malevolent acts from the society today. Let the movie industry help make the fight an easy task and not a difficult one as being portray in many of the Zeeworld series. It might be acceptable and tolerated by some nationality but remember the world is now watching not just some nationality.
There was a time when all we get to hear or read or watch was basically on world or civil wars. Our current affairs were focused on the achievement of great men with great minds. Today, such is less the case, we hear, read and watch the intensity of man’s evil on man, the growing pyramid of deaths and our current affairs centred on when some ill events occurred. Many only look out for sites and television series centred on ills of life. Maybe that’s the reason we get to view such violent acts in family series that should be teaching values and morals.
The other reservation is about most of the scenes that are relative to daughter-in-laws ill manner towards parent-in-law (the emphasises on the bossiness of daughter-in-laws is really a degrading one on inlaws relationship). Some other times the parent-in-laws obsessive grip on their children. Now, I am wondering if there’s a possibility of one of the movie depicting a way to find and fill in the gaps and develop cordial respect for each other. ‘Married Again was atleast close to what I am talking about and the Vow ’. There was no scene of Yash or his brothers slapping their wives, neither is there any yet of Manav hitting his wife. If there was one, then I might have missed it. No one is saying evil can be completely eliminated but there should be a balance that will give a ray of hope of man’s goodness despite the alarming rate of societal degradation.
Basically, contribute your quota in positively inspiring people to become better. Of course that message can’t be in all of the movies but atleast one should be able to send such positive vibes. Thank you for your great work so far and for the greater ones you have in store for us your fans. Much love from Ono Pink Journal. Cheers!  

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