Saturday, May 07, 2016

Nigerians Slip on Life Jacket after Swimming Half Way across the Sea.

Oh dear! I love this country and her people, especially their strokes in swimming almost half way across the  sea of uncertainty without a life jacket. Despite the turbulent waves and deadly creatures that have drowned many, they’re still keeping on. Hopefully, they’d get to the other side without more mishap. 
Then, the strokes were made easier with a life jacket, which is filled with promises and view of how beautiful the other side will be if only, one can survive the long  swim. However, the journey could have been made easier with a ship being controlled by a captain and his crew. Oh! There is actually one but the people still found themselves  in the sea struggling for their lives. Afterall, of what importance are they if not to create nuisance in the sharing of resources? Unfortunately, they still need them to make the resources available. Hence they are back to hurdle everyone back on board. Tired and wary, none could refuse. The empty promises are sure better than the tempest of the sea.

Now, with hope in the heart of the people they have clamoured back on board, maybe safety will be guaranteed in this new sail even though the journey is almost halfway.  But it is quite a relief that there’s a map and a plan to make it easier. So we hope and pray. Although, some doubt if it wouldn't have been better to keep on swimming because then, you’re aware danger is looming in the shadow than find safety in a ship that might be sink by the captain and his crew when the need suit them? Yet, the few moments of peace will help everyone rejuvenate their strength to keep on when that occurs.

In all of the doubt, there is a captain that surpasses all captains that can even make the turbulent sea to be still, let’s keep on asking for His help and trust Him because He’s right there with us in times of trouble Psalm 50:15: And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me..

Basically, I am talking about the safety and peace of the nation and the budget that finally got signed yesterday when the year is almost half gone. Well, we are blessed with strength to withstand the turbulent times and that I am grateful to God for. And I know, our country will become a safe heaven again someday soon. Never cease praying even if it is a minute it’ll speak for us. Imagine the one minutes given by the millions of Nigeria people each day to stand in the gap for the nation will definitely fill up the gap faster and quicker than we will ever imagine. Do have a blissful day. I love you all. Cheers!

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