Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ono Pink Journal: A Vision in Motion.

One of the most difficult tasks in relationship or at the beginning of a relationship is being able to decipher whom your partner or friend could be. When we are attracted to each other, the physical attraction is usually the first thing but as conversation goes on, one should learn to identify traits, and my view over such traits are usually pointers to behavioural patterns. Every human being who has ever existed has had needs; we all want to love and to be loved because that is the way God has made us – to live in relationships with families, friends and God himself.

The spiritual dimension of life has seen resurgence in the last two decades of the twentieth century. Speakers and individuals had been learning how we had been “made to love”. Even forests have been felled in order to provide the pulp necessary for books on this movement alone. With their combination of eastern mysticism, occult practices, self help psychology and idolizing of the God within. Books writers are seeking to meet the needs of spiritually starving world. But the fruitless searches at the end of successive rainbows have left many people weary and disillusioned with their inner emptiness still unsatisfied. A new search for meaning, purpose and values has begun with a recognition these are to be found in spiritual values.

The tragedy is that the church and its message have by and large been particularly rejected. This tragedy is of immense proportions because while the new age ideas focus on human dignity and potentials, they fail to deal adequately with the feelings of human nature. The damning evidence can be seen in our own lives. At times we are capable of producing tender acts of love, unfettered creativity and words that bring hope and healing. Yet! We change like Tom and Jerry character, revealing a selfish grasping love of ourselves and destructive impulses and producing thoughts and words of hate and malice. As one actor said of his profession “in our business, everyone wants to be Jesus Christ and ends up being Judas Iscariot.” The bible informs us, we are made in the image of God and created human beings reflect their creator. All human beings bear within themselves the likeness of God even though it has become grotesquely married. 

It is quite a very long write up and I wouldn't want to tire you out with the whole of it in one post. However, the objectivity of it will be revealed during the weekend. We are here to make your today relevant to your tomorrow...... Stay with us as the Lord unveils His mightiness through you and Ono Pink Journal team. Yeah, with time you'll get to know others because you too are part of it. Cheers!

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